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  1. that's why O_o never give my typho 10 apris at the same time again. (I just wanted it to become perfect...I'm inoccent)
  2. Oh. Thanks So thats why my haunters shadow ball seemed more powerful than dark pulse though they have the same power and both are special. Yes I know that you stab people with knifes but you can also do it with swords... To keep in topic, the hardest for me was clay after I beat him first time. If someones wondering what I'm talking about with first time read my messages on the first page
  3. Note: I do not know what stab is. Watched about 200 pokemon films...finished 1 pokemon black...having problems with Clair on pokemon Gold. Well it took me 2 days to get to him, but now it's 4 days. And I do not know what STAB is so can you please tell me? don't know what BW is either:frown:
  4. Normaly, I just stuff some in there, some in there, and some in there. But latley I've just been putting 1 apricorn in and then giving it to a pokemon. 1 BLK APRICORN 1 YLW APRICORN Stam. Juice Flavor 12 Mildness 63 It's flavor is still weak. It would be good to put in some Apricorns with color ... Increases: stanima by 1 point Decreases: nothing, it seems BASIC APRICORN INFORMATION Apricorn - Stat Raised - Taste BLU.Apricorn - Skill - Dry GRN.Apricorn - Jump - Bitter PNK.Apricorn - Speed - Sweet RED.Apricorn - Power - Spicy YLW.Apricorn - Stamina - Sour BLK.Apricorn - None - None WHT.Apricorn - None - None
  5. I have my Ho-Oh, Typhlosium or my Haunter the most. Otherwise I stick around with my esp or umbr ions
  6. I use the masterball on the first ledgendary. The reson is I'm always under-leveled by a couple of light years...
  7. Took me 1 turn to catch Ho-Oh. Having problems with Clair and that bloody aerodactyl. All the others are easy. Had to reset because I ran out of every ball except masterball, so I decided it was not worth it. Save before battle, fail, switch off, switch on, use 1 masterball...there. any Idea how I can get any masterballs? Think I will need them if Ho-Oh was this hard
  8. been playing for 3 days. Got to the E4 on the secound day. Been having trouble with the victory road and Clair. Took me 2 hours past the road. kept taking the wrong path. Getting to Clair is no big deal. Problems: Crobat, Umbrion and Clair. Easy to beat gyarados, he sends out aerodactyl. I die.
  9. ("Lenora without a doubt. After you beat the Herdier, her Watchhog just uses retaliate and pretty much KO's the pokemon you have out(and an 85 attack is pretty high at the beginning of the game") Yep had a little trouble with that too. ("210 power") ... ....... ............................................................................. ... 210?! That's higher than self-destruct!
  10. the hardest for me was clay. it was a bit annoying because I beat him first time, but then I forgot to save and it took me 4 more trys to terminate him
  11. com'n chickorita/bayleaf/Meganium are aswome. A fav between me and my cousin. His starter was also snivy.
  12. Well, I don't know much about it. But I've seen a film and dodrio jumped about 20 meters or something from cliff to cliff. So probaly they can. I've met a trainer in pokemon black adbunt shrine who has a dodrio with bounce. My friend says there isn't one but he dosn't even know how to get there. I've told him you need to get waterfall from the routs with p2 labratory or watereveritscalled but he says that 1: You can't get to that route and 2: there is no more HM you can get except if you defeat certain gym leaders in this game.
  13. ...where you type this password
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