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  1. Could this workwith Pokemon Channel to see if you can recive a shiny Jirachi?
  2. Hey guys just Testing out the rebattle emereld codes and the re battle Groudon etc re enables the castform from the weather institute just thought i'd let you know
  3. How is it that in the Anime some of the worst moves in the games look so Amazing in the show or movies like pin missle and other move like that but you would never use in the games
  4. thats probly why then but i used the codes that were on a few pages back i thought it would work but all good should of notice it when they were all in friend balls from HeartGold SoulSilver oh well i try to get pokemon legit but here in Australia we always seem to get ripped when it comes to event pokemon.
  5. hey guys listen i used the codes for the walmart promotional starter pokemon for piplup, chimchar & turtwig now they have their dreamworld abilities well i evevolved chimchar and its abilitiy went back to blaze when it evovled into monferno i thought dream world abilitites stayed no mater what any help ?
  6. Has anyone tried to make a legit code for the lock capsule yet ?
  7. Hey guys listen i always seen to go back and play Leaf Green, Fire Red, Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald and i've used cheats before now i have no prolems with cheats on Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald but every time i use cheats on Fire Red or leaf green i have all sorts of problems like every time i access my tm/hm case it locks up, then theres my items like i have 24 super potions when i use cheats it turns them into ??5. now the only cheats i use is to get the tickets and enable them and im trying to find a fast egg hatch cos the flameboy/ magmar armour abilitiy doesn't work in these ones. I sometimes have that some sort of circit is disabled when i use cheats at the start up screen any help would be much appriciated
  8. Yeah well i live in Australia and when i found out about it when diamond & Pearl first came out i was cheering but we seem to be left out every year for some reason which sucks like we are there for the trading card game aspect but not the video gaming part and i so know we have alot of gamers that would love to be apart of it and we have miss out on so of the event pokemon that are given out at these events and not alot of us have the net i have to use either to trade and stiff i have to use the local net cafe or my mates net. To all the people who are going or have made it through to the big event i wish you well.
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