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  1. I'm confused as to what you're asking. Can you clarify at all, with proper english preferably?
  2. Welcome to Shocking Revolution Rules I do not accept hacks, nor do I trade them. I have a busy life these days and I don't always have a chance to be on my DS, so please be patient when trying to trade with me. Credits are given as needed, but I prefer to trade. I don't have many wants, so just have me check your thread in most cases. IVs and EVs are listed on my Pokemon, I expect them to be listed on yours. No Strike System this time, but I do have a blacklist. Stay off it. Have Fun, boring traders are boring. Wants Banners for this Shop Shinies RNG'd Pokemon Un-Orthodox Pokemon with Un-Orthodox Sets Eevee Evolutions To check your thread! Whitelist No one Blacklist No one :bidoof::bidoof::bidoof: Uber Pokemon Mew(Hayley's Ranch) Nature: Jolly IVs: 1/4/12/22/30/9 Hidden Power: Poison 60! EVs: UT Moves: synthesis, return, hypnosis, teleport No Redistribution. Tuperius's Deoxys(Gamestop) Nature: Jolly IVs: 23/25/17/26/22/18 Hidden Power: Flying 66! EVs: UT Moves: psycho boost, zap cannon, iron defense, extreme speed No Redistribution. Tuperius's Darkrai(Alamos) Nature: Serious IVs: 5/9/14/23/3/28 Hidden Power: Psychic 63. EVs: UT Moves: Roar of time, Spacial rend, nightmare, hypnosis No Redistribution. Bozo's Rayquaza Nature: Adamant IVs: 27/25/19/17/15/31 Hidden Power: Dark 48. EVs: UT (I think) Moves: overheat, earthquake, outrage, dragon dance Redistributable by All. :bidoof::bidoof::bidoof: OverUsed Pokemon Salamence Timid 31/31/28/30/21/31 Hidden Power: Grass 48 UT as Bagon EV'd as 252 sp att/80 att/176 spe Salamence UT moves: hydro pump, fire blast, dragon dance EV'd: Fire blast, draco meteor, brick break, roost Redis: NO! AMN313's Electivire Jolly 26/31/23/16/27/31 Hidden Power: Grass 59. EVs unknown, will be wiped. thunder punch, earthquake, cross chop, ice punch Redis: NO! AMN313's Cresselia Bold 23/25/28/24/31/29 Hidden Power: Grass 50 EVs unknown, will be wiped. calm mind, ice beam, psychic, rest Redis: NO! Dragonknight900's Starmie Timid 18/31/31/31/28/31 Hidden Power: Steel 49. EV's will be posted shortly. surf, psychic, thunderbolt, ice beam I have heard this thing is a killer in the battle tower! Redis: NO! Tuperius's Celebi(10aniv) Lonely 9/12/5/5/30/30 Hidden Power: Bug 55. UT Ancient power, future sight, baton pass, perish song Thanks to Tup for finally giving me another copy of this. Redis: NO! M3ch Warrior's Scizor Adamant 31/31/29/5/31/31 Hidden Power: Dark 57. EV'd 252 att/252 spe/6 hp as scizor bullet punch, x scissor, brick break, swords dance Redis: NO! M3ch Warrior's Snorlax Adamant 31/31/31/30/31/31 Hidden Power: Electric 70! UT as Snorlax tackle, curse FLAWLESS! Redis: NO! AMN313's Yanmega(Shiny) Modest 15/10/11/31/31/6 Hidden Power: Psychic 70!!! EV'd 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe as Yanmega bug buzz, air slash, hypnosis, protect Yanmega, awesome shiny, good ivs for a shiny too. Redis: NO! EliteRobert's Zapdos Bold Hidden Power: Bug 54. EV'd as a Bulky Dos.(exact evs unknown) thunder wave, discharge, roost, heat wave Redis: NO! EliteRobert's Blissey Calm 31/28/27/31/31/31 Hidden Power: Dragon 68! EV'd in sp def, hp, and def(listed in order of most evs to least, exact evs unknown) thunderbolt, ice beam, aromatherapy, softboiled Redis: NO! Cillian's Heatran Modest 25/18/13/25/31/31 Hidden Power: Dragon 56. EVs: UT(i believe) scary face, lava plume, fire spin, iron head Redis: NO! AMN313's Breloom Adamant 30/31/23/x/31/31 Hidden Power: Need the x, will add soon. EVs: Pending. seed bomb, spore, swords dance, mach punch Redis: NO! Tuperius's Sneasel(Shiny) Serious 23/31/10/4/20/13 Hidden Power: Poison 34. UT faint att, fury swipes, agility, icy wind Redis: NO! Tuperius's Eevee(Shiny) Lax 11/9/20/14/31/16 Hidden Power: Fire 61. UT tail whip, helping hand, shadow ball, iron tail Redis: NO! EliteRobert's Electivire Adamant 19/31/31/30/24/31 Hidden Power: Steel 49. EVs will be wiped. Cross Chop, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch Redis: NO! Inu665's Weavile Jolly 30/29/18/30/1/20 Hidden Power: Fire 43. EV'd 252 att/252 spe night slash, brick break, swords dance, ice punch Redis: NO! Unwritten_xxx's Crobat(Shiny) Calm 14/28/24/13/8/6 EVs: UT(as far i know) wing attack, poison fang, mean look, bite IT'S PINK! Redis: NO! Expert Evan's Ninjask Jolly 31/31/31/3/8/31 Hidden Power: Steel 49. EVs uknown, will be wiped. swords dance, x scissor, substitute, baton pass FLAWLESS! Redis: YES! Plust's Blissey Bold 29/28/31/31/30/31 Hidden Power: Ghost 68! EVs unknown, will be wiped. aromatherapy, thunderwave, seismic toss, softboiled. Near Flawless! Redis: YES! Jibaku's Latias Timid 25/6/1/29/29/31 Hidden Power: Dragon 36. EVs unknown, will be wiped. mist ball, psychic, recover, charm Prepare for Latias to be OU, get one now! Comes with soul dew. Now OU, Get yours Today! Redis: YES! ConanEdogawa's Donphan Impish 31/31/31/31/31/6 Hidden Power: Ice 70! EVs unknown rapid spin, earthquake, stealth rock, ice shard FLAWLESS! Redis: YES! Forbidden's Gyarados Adamant 31/31/31/7/31/31 Hidden Power: Dark 70. EV'd 252 att/252 spe dargon dance, stone edge, waterfall, taunt FLAWLESS! Redis: YES! Anakin's Tyranitar Quiet 31/30/22/31/28/31 Hidden Power: Bug 49. EV's unknown. substitute, focus punch, dark pulse, thunder bolt Redis: YES! Lexite's Swampert Adamant 31/31/30/31/31/30 Hidden Power: Psychic 70!! EVs Unknown earathquake, waterfall, ice punch, substitute FLAWLESS! Redis: YES! Syberia's Crobat Timid 31/29/16/30/30/30 Hidden Power: Fighting 66!!! EVs unknown. nasty plot, roost, air slash, hidden power fighting Redis: YES! Dreamer32's Lucario Adamant 29/31/31/x/31/31 UT as lv 1 Riolu quick attack, swords dance, endure, foresight FLAWLESS! Perfect for Life Orb! Redis: YES! Everstone's Smeargle Jolly male 30/31/30/1/31/31 Hidden Power: Ice 59. UT sketch Great Breeding Father. FLAWLESS! Redis: YES! Monk's Blissey Quiet 7/18/15/20/20/23 EV'd 252 Def / 80 SpA / 176 SpD Wish, Protect, Toxic, Flamethrower Redis: NO! Charzaro's Charmander Jolly 27/31/31/20/31/23 UT at Lv. 1 (Charmander) Scratch, Growl Redis: NO! I'll have an EV'd version of Charizard up soon. Skarmory Impish 18/30/31/30/31/26 UT at Lv. 1 Leer, Peck, Whirlwind, Brave Bird Hippopotas Impish 31/6/28/22/29/28 UT at Lv. 18 Tackle, Sand Attack, Slack Off, Bite :bidoof::bidoof::bidoof: BL/UU/NU Pokemon Dragonknight900's Lapras Adamant 29/31/29/4/21/31 Hidden Power: Electrc 36. UT as Lapras growl, water gun, dragon dance, water pulse Redis: NO! Turtwigpal's Rotom Timid 14/10/30/31/30/31 Hidden Power: Bug 70! EVs unknown, will wipe. trick, will o wisp, thunderbolt, shadow ball Redis: NO! Tucker's Kangaskhan Adamant 30/31/23/19/23/31 Hidden Power: Dragon 70! EVs unknown, will wipe. dizzy punch, hammer arm, ice punch, thunder punch Redis: NO! AMN313's Shuckle(Shiny) Impish 28/30/3/20/11/12 Hidden Power: Fire 54. UT(i believe) constrict, bide, encore, safeguard Shuckle is an awesome shiny. Redis: NO! PokeMaster's Magneton(Shiny) Modest 1/7/17/30/28/8 Hidden Power: Flying 41. EVs Unknown.(will wipe if asked nicely) thunderbolt, hyper beam, zap cannon, thunder Redis: NO! Tuperius's Ambipom Jolly 1/31/9/11/19/31 Hidden Power: Dark 66! EV'd 252 att/252 spe/6 hp as lv 100 ambipom scratch, double hit, fake out, baton pass "The Fake and Flee set"-Tuperius. Redis: NO! Tuperius's Lapras(Shiny) Adamant 30/27/7/16/20/11 Hidden Power: Ground 39. UT as Lapras water gun, growl, sing, surf Redis: NO! Pokeguy's Raikou Hasty 28/21/25/30/19/24 Hidden Power: Water 60!!! EVs unknown, will be wiped. quick attack, spark, rain dance, thunder Great for Rain Dance Teams. Redis: YES! DragonKnight08's Honchkrow(Shiny) Lonely 24/27/19/21/20/29 Hidden Power: Steel 33. EVs unknown. heat wave, superpower, night slash, sucker punch Great for a Shiny. Redis: YES! Kawl's Gardevoir(Shiny) Bold 31/11/22/6/4/17 Hidden Power: Poison 44. EV'd in defenses, and hp. psychic, wish, calm mind, hypnosis Redis: YES! Forsworn's Gastrodon Relaxed 30/30/30/31/31/30 Hidden Power: Electric 70!!! EV's unknown ice beam, hidden power elec, earthquake, recover FLAWLESS! Redis: YES! Zephyro's Shaymin Timid 29/23/27/27/30/31 UT defense curl, magical leaf, leech seed, synthesis Redis: YES! Tuperius's Espeon(10aniv) Gentle Credits: 1 5/5/27/23/14/12 UT pysbeam, psych up, psychic, morning sun Redis: NO! Monk's Raikou (10ANIV) Modest 8/30/2/19/23/21 EV'd 252 SpA / 252 Spe Calm Mind, Hidden Power Ice 67, Thunder Bolt, Substitute Redis: NO! Magmortar Modest 31/30/27/31/31/31 UT Leer, Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Fire Blast Redis: NO! :bidoof::bidoof::bidoof: Service I Provide for You! 1) EV Training - 3 credits in your shop per Pokemon 2) Cloning - 1 credit in your shop per Pokemon 3) IV Checking - 1 credit in your shop per Pokemon 4) EV Checking - 2 credits in your shop per Pokemon 5) Move Tutoring - 2 credits in your shop per Pokemon 6) NickNaming - 2 credits in your shop per Pokemon :bidoof::bidoof::bidoof: Shocking Revolution is now open! :bidoof::bidoof::bidoof:
  3. This looks really cool. As soon as you have a download ready, I'll be sure to play it!
  4. Hey, I'm DanielSuperpoke, I've always lurked these forums looking for new AR codes, so I decided I'd join, I joined and then never really got into it here, so here I am again making my entrance to ProjectPokemon! Sup?
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