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  1. come into the Project pokemon irc chat at: http://projectpokemon.org/irc/ so we can talk easier and then my private chat.
  2. sorry about that "c\documents and settings\<username>\desktop\xdelta" patch "c\documents and settings\<username>\desktop\pokejoke.patch" "c\documents and settings\<username>\desktop\diamond.nds" "c\documents and settings\<username>\desktop\pokejoke.nds" try that and make sure to change the name of the diamond rom to diamond.nds and the <username> to your computer login name.
  3. move the patch and xdelta onto your desktop do not make a new folder on the desktop, just put them directly on it. Copy/Paste this into cmd if you are using widows xp: "c\documents and settings\<username>\desktop\xdelta" patch "c\documents and settings\<username>\desktop\pokejoke.patch" "c\documents and settings\<username>\desktop\pokejoke.nds" **READ!!! Replace <username> with the the user account you are logged into on your computer (not the password)**
  4. I made the .pkm file, but cant trade through wifi. sorry, but i could not put in the OT as POKEBAL... someone else can edit that part i guess... and, i replaces thunderbolt with confusion because you already have a more powerful thunder move and confusion could be better. all of the ivs and evs are right i think. the link to the pkm is: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?4tm2to1jykt
  5. Jordy- Thanks! Please give feedback, though! I would like to know what people think. NeoDraven- I used a hex editor. It is land-data.narc in the release-0 for twinleaf town. the first part is walking permissions, the second part is 3D model placement Please comment / post about what you like / dislike with the demo/game!
  6. Yeah, I will take any help/suggestions/tips/etc I can get, as this is a big project. But, right now, my main goal is figuring out how to change where doors lead to. I would need to find out which narc file and what encoding tells the game where a specific door leads to. The reason i need to know this is that I put a pokemart in the first town, but whenever you walk in, it leads you to some random house.
  7. Well... I agree and disagree with that. If you were skilled enough, you could alter the game so that a new map shows up and edit an already existing make to make a warp or door or something that leads to your new map. Editing NARC files ftw! The problem is that this would take an extreme amount of effort to do. If I were you, I'd look into the empty spaces on maps. There are sooooooo many places where the map is just blank and un-filled, usually a spot to the side of a house because houses are so small that they have map room to spare. Of course, any new map you make would be small, but would be really cool and appealing to people becuase it would be completely original. Like they said earlier, you can edit right over top of an existing map. This is easier than most other methods when you are actually making the map, but, the problem is that you loose your old map that was there before. Also, when other maps have doors, boats, passages, etc that lead to where you are editing, you would have to find ant cut them all off. That is where the real toughness comes in, because warps and transportations are much harder to work with than the physical layout of the map. All in all, editing a Pokemon game map is tough no matter which path you choose. But, it is not impossible! If it was impossible then how did Nintendo do it?
  8. PokeJoke DS Summary: PokeJoke DS is a game built off of pokemon diamond. It is a spoof / funny game based on the pokemon theme. It has all new maps, all new text, all new sprites, all new Pokemon, all new storyline, and is very fun to play. It is created by Nu11iFy. Development status: So far, I have... created a list of objects and models I can put into the game edited twinleaf town's map edited twinleaf town's text added a secret in twinleaf town (will be told by an npc twards the end of the game) have changed some of the pokemon changed character sprites changed the starters edited sandgem town's map edited sandgem town's text Renamed a few things Made a demo of the game My current goals are: Figuring out how to change where a door leads to redoing pokemon settings (names, spirtes, location, move-sets) adding a new storyline changing events (animations, npc movement, etc) Download I have just released a very short demo. This demo is only for the first two towns, and ends right before Jublife city. In the demo I have: -Changed player sprites (the female one got messed up though...) -Changed the towns around a bit -Remade all of the text -Changed the Pokemon around a bit. -Blocked off everything after Sandgem -Added a secret in twinleaf town (can get you any legendary) -Edited Pokemon (names, moves, locations) To patch this game, you need xdelta, the PATCH file, and a clean rom of Pokemon diamond. I will supply xdelta and the patch, but you need to get the Clean pokemon rom yourself. The clean rom itself should be about 65,536kb, I think. If you find anything that you think could use improvement or needs fixing, tell me. I know the maps still look a little the same, but editing maps is really time consuming, so bear with me. Anyways, here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ogyxgzzuizi If the patch does not work, tell me!
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