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  1. Okay, Here's My Ultra Sun Team: Figaro The Male Incineroar Toadette The Female Breloom From Dream World Esther The Starmie From Pokémon Red Fru Fru The Female Excadrill Also From Dream World Patty The Female Manectric From Ruby HeiHei The Male Togekiss From Silver All Of Them Lv. 100. Next!
  2. Hi, how had been the New Year Rising for ye all? Ok, let's cut to the chase! I've been trying to find All UBs And Legendaries (except for Zygarde and the Tapus) but it's too hard to find the Legendaries and the Ultra Beasts! So far i found 2 Legendaries and 1 UB. Here's where i need your help. I only found an event flag for Marking Most Legends as Caught/Defeated But Did Not Apply For All Ultra Beasts, so if you please add an option for Marking Each Ultra Beast already caught or defeated or/and all of them, if possible. Thank You And Good Night. Take Care and Happy New Year... Yours Truly, Maddaren 05-01-2017 PS: The Ultra Warp Ride Is A Very Difficult Minigame If Your Goal Is Only For Finding Legendaries Or Ultra Beasts...
  3. Maddaren

    Can't Save

    Here's what i do: 1. Open PKHeX 2. Open your SAV file 3. Click in Abra and click View. 4. Change the level of Your Abra. 5. Point The Cursor On Your Abra and Click On Set. 6. Go File->Export SAV->Export main and overwrite Tell Me If It Works... Good Luck!
  4. At Last! Thank You Very Much! I'm so Excited To Travel To The Original Pokémon Anime Journey Again and My Wish Will Come True! [emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3] Enviado de meu SM-J710MN usando Tapatalk Edit: I'm very excited to Start My Journey On Pokémon Ultra Sun, so i gave up starting a new Journey On Yellow...
  5. Okay, let me tell what happens.... Edit Anything on Trainers Memo = Pikachu Unfollows Only Editing Items = Pikachu follows Save With Max Happiness Pokemon Yellow (U) 2.SAV Zip With My Tests Pokémon Yellow Save test.rar Pictures Before Editing I Chose These Options Physical Cart Allow Gen II Trading Movesets What Gives?
  6. Here You Go. Pokemon Yellow (U) (Before Gary - bugged and edited).SAV Pokemon Yellow (U) (Before Gary - edited once).SAV Pokemon Yellow (U) (Before Gary).SAV
  7. Hi y'all! First of all, i want to tell you that i was planning to start a brand new save on Pokémon Yellow. I Saved on the Moment i was going to battle my Rival. Upon editing after and before Battle, my Ash's Pikachu became a Regular Pikachu (A Legit Pikachu says his name instead of the RB Sound heard) and i believe it is a bug of my own doing or something i can't explain properly. If you can please Fix This Annoying Bug Maybe I'll Rethink About That. Thank You and See You Around. [emoji106] Enviado de meu SM-J710MN usando Tapatalk
  8. Sigh, No Dice Until Then... BTW, Here's What I am Experiencing... Anyone Experiencing This?!
  9. Hi, most of all, i appreciate the great work. Today i was genning my Pokémon Battle Revolution Save and after Editing My Lanturn From Old Emerald Save, i corrupted The Save. Yes, i was greeted with a "Failed To Load Save Files" message. How can you fix this issue once and for all? It Drives Me insane So Much! My Sincere Kindness... I am using it on Dolphin 5. Edit: Just Noted That Current PKHeX Update Messed up my save! Tested With modded Save today and save last updated In June This Year. Lanturn Base Stat in Sp. Attack Is 220 In Game and supposed to be 251 in there, Just Like DS Games Does. Editing EVs doesn't give a boost. In Other Words Does not Change anything. For The Time Being, Warn everybody To Not Gen The PBR Saves Until A PKHeX Update With This Fix Comes For These Save Files. Good Night. Please Reply ASAP.
  10. Hi, Maddaren Here! I've been playing Pokémon Silver lately and been using PKHeX To Edit My Pokémon Silver Save. Today i noted that adding Coins to Max and adding 99 TMs doesn't save changes and reverses to 0 Coins and 1 TM. Actually i wanted a full coin case in order to buy a porygon and a mr mime and having 99 units of each TM without having to Gen Moves all the time. I always Hit Save to make change, but this time, is not affecting those changes. Would you please fix this bug in the next commit? Thank You!
  11. Any fix for the red box slots? Don't leave me waiting!
  12. Thanks! Enviado de meu SM-J200BT usando Tapatalk
  13. Hi, i started playing Pokémon Sun a while ago, but a bit slow speed, hahaha. I was looking for Pokémon not Native In Sun, a.k.a. Moon Exclusives in Pk7 format. Would You Please send an attachment with them for me? No need to Hurry. Thank You and Good Night. All The Best, Maddarena Enviado de meu SM-J200BT usando Tapatalk