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  1. Link: Minidex This is a lightweight and minimalist webapp that compiles all the locations of all Pokémon across every game in the series. Find Pokémon information quickly and keep track of your Pokédex progress. No registration/installation required! No ads! Features: all regional+national Pokédex from RBY up to Let's go quick Pokémon search (name or number) at anytime click in a location title to get a list of all Pokémon in that location users can keep track of their regional Pokédex progress by marking mark caught Pokémon made in Vanilla JS, very lightweight design focused on speed and usability responsive design for best user experience in both desktop and mobile (swipe can be used to navigate through Pokémon) can be installed as a webapp and run completely offline It's aimed mostly for completionists, but there is also some basic competitive information. Direct links to other famous sites are shown though, just in case user needs them. I started coding this back in the day when XY were released. But never managed to finish it until last month I figured posting it here wouldn't hurt, hoping it will be useful for someone here! I will be happy to read some feedback! I wasn't sure if this kind of content is allowed here. Please let me know if this wasn't the place to post it.
  2. Is it known how the sync ID is stored? I lost my Pokemon Y card before the RAM hacking methods appeared. My PGL account still has the ID string, so I'd like to replicate it in my new Y savegame. Is it possible?
  3. Spanish Dragonite, extracted from native savegame. Can't post pic today, I can post it tomorrow if needed. BTW, Spanish distribution of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres was announced a few days ago, they will be distributed via serial codes by buying the official Nintendo magazine, you'll get one of those randomly. Hoping we can dump all three!
  4. Spanish Celebi 20th anniversary, extracted from my Omega Ruby native savegame.
  5. This is my spanish Mew Wondercard, extracted from my Omega Ruby native savegame.
  6. Spanish HA Amaura 1509 - ¡Un Amaura con habilidad oculta!.zip
  7. I would like to contribute with my spanish HA Tyrunt Wondercard, but the attachments window just shows a grey page :-( Tried Firefox and IE with the same luck. I'll leave an external link, hoping someone can reupload it here as an attachment. Spanish HA Tyrunt Wondercard
  8. BTW, don't rename the ramsav.bin or PKHeX won't open it. I have sent my Y savefile to SciresM, hoping it will help to fix the bug.
  9. Worked flawlessly (just tried dumping) with my PAL OR. However, it created a 448kb file with my PAL Y that PKHeX could not open. Using 2DS in 9.4.
  10. There are no 20 zeroes. Well... That's just if it's a new inhabitant. But if he/she comes from another Black City/White Forest it has the name of the trainer. When you chat someone at White Forest, the trainer says: "I remember battling with [name] in Black City", that's the stored name
  11. I'm spanish, of course, but I don't think this is the place to speak spanish So I'll answer in english. Currently I'm very busy and I have no plans on updating this tool to allow you select the file to save/restore. I coded it because I needed urgently to restore my save to a retail cart. However, the sourcecode is available so anyone can update it.
  12. You can boot SLOT-2 from SLOT-1 if you want. But the application must be ran from SLOT-2, because saves are read/written from there.
  13. Here you have my SLOT-2 solution (mostly based on Pokedoc's code): NDS-SAVES to SLOT-2 v0.4
  14. I have been cleaning the code, doing a very very little GUI and fixing some errors aswell. Oh, and I also added the restore savegame function too! Worked perfectly for my HG, but I hope someone can confirm that it works for B/W. Let me prepare a small readme file and I'll post it here. hirosama, it should work for you too. I have an ancient G6 Lite and worked perfectly!
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