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  1. Hi, is there a game sync id changer? cos im using a gateway version of my omega ruby and sold my retail cart away. Then i realised we are both using he same game sync id, finding ways to unlink it but the game sync id is the same!
  2. Not sure which file to import/export. The one I have decrypted is 472k i think, where else using the sav extractor, the omega ruby save file is 1024. Any idea on how I can use the decrypted savefile for my game? (the 472kb one)
  3. How to use SaveDataFiller? I have managed to decrypt my file
  4. And same, im only able to view not export save file
  5. How to use the savedata filler with the patial decrypted savefile?
  6. Hi, I managed to create a partial-decrypted power save savefile from my OMega Ruby from my Retail cart. How to I inject it into gateway?
  7. Hi, Im using a Retail Pokemon Omega Ruby. However, i sold my 3DS XL to get a 4.5 one in order to use Gateway. Everything works fine except the save part, theres no way I could dump my pokemon into the gateway save ( because it doesnt recognise firmware 6 and above savefile). I have powersave. Is there anyway for me to dump all my pokemon from my retail over to my gateway sav?
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