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  1. I'm pretty sure you would need something much more sophisticated than Action Replay to do that. And it would cost you a little more. But if you are interested, look into something like R4 DS on Google.
  2. Look for the TM44 Modifier. There's a move list in the same page, you can teach it any move after using that code. Yes plz
  3. The reason THIS was happening to me was because I was using Black codes for White. Perhaps try switching the two code sets? It's possible the one you designated as White was actually meant for Black and vice versa.
  4. Did you turn on the DS while it was plugged in?
  5. How extensively is this redesigned? And one of my favourites of Mewtwo from the anime.
  6. I'm thinking of teaching a Pokemon I like Focus Energy, while supplementing that increase in Critical Hit Ratio with an item like Razor Fang. I haven't tried this yet, by what percentage do you think (or you know) I would have the probability of landing Critical Hits?
  7. Scouring the other threads for recent posts is an important course of action before asking questions that have been answered last Thursday....
  8. Hmm... fascinating. Game coding is quite so. I think I'm going to get this thing.
  9. It's k, I've been trying to formulate the best way to simply describe what I want for the past day now so it's no fault of yours. It's just frustrating.
  10. I'm talking about the music... as stated, I want only to be able to hear Sound Effects. I want to know or create a code that allows NO MUSIC to play, but sound effects still function/play normally. BEFORE CHEAT: MUSIC/SOUND EFFECTS AFTER CHEAT: SOUND EFFECTS For HeartGold and SoulSilver you can use a complicated code to play different music of the game while not battling. There are some unlabeled "channels" the code "tunes-into" which have absolutely no music. But the sound effects still work. I would use this, if it weren't for the fact the code won't work if I'm currently in-battle. I simply want to be able to turn off MUSIC in-game using a control combination like L+R, and to be able to turn it back on using the same combination, at any point in time no matter where I am or what I'm doing in the game.
  11. I'm interested in learning how to make codes for Action Replay. What's the best route for doing this? I might want to try this http://us.codejunkies.com/Products/NDS-Trainer-Toolkit__EF000358.aspx But does anyone else have experience to share with it?
  12. I'm interested in creating codes for my Soul Silver and White games, but I need advice on its value as a code creator. http://us.codejunkies.com/Products/NDS-Trainer-Toolkit__EF000358.aspx Seriously thinking about buying it. But is it recommended, here? If so, I want to learn how to make codes with it, and then share my knowledge in an appropriate Thread.
  13. Is it possible to make a NO MUSIC code, which you can use to turn the music on and off in-game? Like press and hold START during a battle and turn off the music? I'd like to learn about AR codes... perhaps adapt this code to work with Black and White as well. It would be an outstanding video editing perk.
  14. How about a code that turns off Music (not sound effects)? I want to make videos featuring my team later, so it would be handy.
  15. How about a code that turns off Music (not sound effects)?
  16. I'm sure as hell not complaining about it :\ To what extent does this work? I'm going to try it, but do you know if it also works for Gym Leaders/Elite Four, N, etc?
  17. Jeezus, if this guy is going to provide the same output of useful codes I'd say it's worth the wait.
  18. Okay. First off, it seemed you wanted to mod TM01. Scrolling down to TM44 is no chore. But before you edited your post, it seemed you were looking for a way to teach your Pokemon ANY move...
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