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  1. anybody know the difference between dragonspiral tower and dragonspiral tower (2)?there`s a lot of location with (2)`s
  2. come up with a code that allows the generate of desired nature ivs thru wild encounter with the use of hex.
  3. make sure u set the poke first by right click then set. then use code generator check selected poke it will replace the pokes in your party. default activate button is select.
  4. pokegen is better but pokesav allows the modification of much greater variety of things such as gender, name, id, sid, items, time played...etc much more convenient we don't have to ask for every individual codes. definitely looking forward to a proper english release.
  5. someone needs to come up with a code that lets us have wild encounters with the desired nature and ivs through the use of hex. we had it all last gen, shouldnt be that hard for someone to create a code for it.
  6. try this 5216F4CC 98087128 0216F4D0 F9FAF699 94000130 FDFF0000 0216F4D0 0C006900 D2000000 00000000
  7. is ur L button broke? hold L and touch trainer card simultaneously. let go of L when card pops up. flip it over and ur ID should now be the SID. if you are on black this is guaranteed to work. maybe your ID is the same as ur SID? :bidoof:
  8. u dont. u load the .pkm files. save that to ur desktop then load it on to pokegen to export the codes. FILE>LOAD then TOOLS>CODE GENERATOR.
  9. for those of you who are too lazy to get your own beasts use this link to get the .pkm and load them in pokegen/sav then export the codes. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I0YCYIDK
  10. some of the codes posted on the internetz so far are either under the wrong version or straight up dont work. make sure to check for both versions.
  11. for the zoroark event u can use pokegen to get the crown beasts. point of importance: country=us origin=hg/ss game=bw ball=cherish lv=30 encounter=egg/palpark/event classic ribbon check fateful encounter generate a shiny pid you know you done it right when this line appears 'It' a Legendary Pokemon. Try taking it to Lostlorn Forest."
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