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  1. I created my own card and then created the Pokemon to add to it as the gift. However after adding it to the card then after inserting it into the save file the location went from Pokemon event to lovely place. I can edit the Pokemon after recieving it from the green man in game but that defeats the purpose of using pokegen to make the event Pokemon in the first place.
  2. I am attempting to create mystery gift eevee to insert into my Pokemon Pearl Game. The first one turned out perfect. The second attempt however did not. The one and only problem I seem to have is that instead of Pokemon Event, it says Lovely Place even though I selected "Pokemon Event" from the drop down box in Pokegen. Is there any way to fix this other than having to edit the pokemon a second time after I receive it from the green man?:confused:
  3. I was looking for this code too. I have one or two trainers that I wish I hadn't added, but I want calls from the others.
  4. I want to have a vulpix with the moves disable and hypnosis. Is there a way to get both these egg moves? :confused: I've already tried breeding a vulpix with a stantler which resulted in a vulpix that knows hypnosis. But breeding that vulpix with a psyduck that knows disable only resulted in getting a vulpix that knows disable but it did not inherit hypnosis from his mom. Can someone please help this novice breeder? Thanks in advance, Mayve
  5. I searched for a 5th gen wi fi trading thread but did not find one. Is there someplace where we can exchange info for Pokemon trading?
  6. I saw a wi fi trading thread for 4th gen but not for 5th. Can someone direct me to one?
  7. Is there already an AR code for soul silver that changes your trainer name, ID number and secret ID? If not I could do it with pokesav but I wanted the game to generate a new ID & Secret ID. How would I do that?
  8. Could someone make a code that will allow you to buy as many casteliacones as you want on Tuesdays?
  9. I wanted to create eggs of each starter from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh on my Pokemon Platinum game. I am using the newest version (not the beta). When I create the eggs the trainer memo says Jan,0,2000 A mysterious egg botained in Mystery Zone. How to I change this to the current date and have the egg either given to me by the day care couple or obtained in a ds to ds trade?:confused:
  10. Good thing I asked before deleting their moves. Thanks. I guess they'll have to just keep my spiky eared pichu company.
  11. I just wanted to check first before I deleted the moves Those pikachu took me a long time to catch. It wouldn't be the same if they lost those special moves.
  12. If I do that, can they relearn the HM moves once they are transfered?
  13. Is there any way to get my yellow forest pikachus into either version of this game? Since one knows fly and the other surf I know they can't be poketransfered.
  14. Since action replay is not able to back up game saves for Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Black or White what tools can be used to back up saves of these games?
  15. Has anyone been able to get a hold of a working Liberty pass ar code yet?
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