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  1. There should be a code available to do just that already. I think it's called "NICKNAME TRADED POKEMON" or something. I'll look for sure and get back to you.
  2. I've tested this code for both Black and White. Works just fine. Most codes work well across both games. So far, I've seen that if a code works for one, it works for the other. If you have an AR now (or are just now getting into it), I suggest getting Pokegen and making that Magikarp yourself. Changing the Nature without changing the PID will make the pokemon register as "illegal" on Nintendo WFC.
  3. I didn't think to try on eggs...wow. All I did was go to the PC > Move Pokemon, and I held select down and used the touch screen to move the pokemon. Then let go of select and change boxes, then go back and they were done. I made like 4 of the Victini I caught yesterday.
  4. Tested the "All TM's (SELECT)" cheat on both retail cartridges of Black and White (US Version) and they both worked, even included TM 95. Tested the "Hold SELECT to Clone Box Pokemon" cheat on both as well. It worked, but it made the game move slower while SELECT was held down. Once SELECT was released the game speed returned to normal. You know how when you repeat a word over and over, it starts to appear weird to you? Just happened to me, with SELECT. ^^;
  5. Oh, that much I was aware of, I just needed the Export AR Code function, and that didn't seem to be working. I own the retail cartridges and have no means of transferring my saves to my PC.
  6. Drag the XML File onto the AR Manager window and onto the game's codelist ON THE AR, not the Manager's Database. Conversely, you could open the XML in a text editor (Word, Notepad, Wordpad, etc.) and copy just the codes you want and paste them into the AR Manager manually. Also, I'm not a mod, or the starter of this thread, but I would like to ask that when posting codes, please use the spoiler tag, as some of the more specific codes get very lengthy. Just for the convenience of everyone viewing. Nobody wants to scroll down a wall of codes they aren't interested in.
  7. Is there a code to undo another code? The "All Items" Code gave me x999 of the Liberty Pass in my regular item bag, and I was wondering if I could somehow remove it.
  8. Make sure yo download the correct firmware update for your specific Action Replay. For those with an Action Replay DS (or Action Replay DS EZ), you will need to update your firmware to version: 1.71. If you need assistance with that here's the link: CodeJunkie's - How to Update Your Firmware For those with an Action Replay DSi, you will need to update your firmware to version: 1.25. If you need assistance with that here's the link: CodeJunkie's - How to Update Your Firmware
  9. If you change the nature via PID Modifier (Pokegen, Pokesav, etc.) then you're fine. But if you change only the nature with an AR cheat, it will come off as illegal, as the cheats only change the Nature value, without appropriately changing the PID to match it. The same goes with Shiny Pokemon, and Gender Modification codes as well. That aside, I saw a list of EV modifier codes posted by ReignOfComputer on pokemongts.com. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see these codes anywhere here, so I'll post them. Again, all credit goes to ReignOfComputer
  10. Make sure you download v.3.0b17, as it supports the US and European release.
  11. Grovyle's MGE hasn't been updated for the US/European versions as of yet. Thanks though.
  12. Just a quick little note, to get the Pokemon Cloning code to work, you have to go to Move Pokemon, then pick up the pokemon you want to clone. Move it to an empty space, and right when you place it, press L. Then pick it up and move it again and repeat if you want another. If you Hold L, the box will shift, but when you go back, you'll see that there is a copy of the pokemon in any of the blank spaces you used. Hope this helps.
  13. Tested the code on the US retail cartridges for both Black and White, both times, the DS just froze. I currently have codes for the WIN2011 Shiny Dogs and Celebi, but only for the NA Soul Silver at the moment. If you give me some time, I can make them for the other Gen IV games.
  14. So over the last few months, I took every 4th Gen copy of pokemon I had and collected the Shiny Beasts, and Celebi. I had 3 sets of shiny beasts, and 8 Celebi collected from GameStop. I traded them all to my copy of Soul Silver so they'd all be in one place. Today, when I went to use the Relocator, I thought it would ask me which pokemon I wanted to send over, assuming I could choose JUST ONE to send, but it instead sent over EVERY SINGLE POKEMON that was able to be sent to my Pokemon White game. I also have Black and I'm not too worried about the events needed in Black and White, but I didn't get to do the Ilex Forest event in Soul Silver. I know it's a illy little event, and there's really nothing to gain from it, but it's just that I wanted to keep a Celebi in Soul Silver as well as have one for Black and White, and to have more to trade to people who may have missed out on the event. Is there anything that can be done to fix this situation? Even if it means getting an Action Replay, I'll do it. Thanks in advance. -Nos
  15. The ones that start their call with, "Long time listener, first time caller..." Haha. I've been around the forums for a while, thought I'd finally join and contribute. I'll try and do what I can.
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