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  1. Is their a Delete A Pokemon In Party code? My AR doesn't want to work on my computer so I and typed in a single Pokemon code. It worked but it appeared as an egg though. I used a Quick Hatch code but now every step I make, there a messages that goes "Oh?". I tried to put the egg in my PC but it freezes every time.
  2. Eh, I don't even care about my Pokedex. There's a reason why we have the internet to look of Pokemon locations!
  3. Anyone have a good All TMs Code? The one I used put the first 7 in Key Items and I cannot use them
  4. It didn't work, unless you have to level up first? Do you have to be in "Deposit"?
  5. I tried to make a team from Pokegen but the Global Link rejected them. So I was wondering if there was an EV modifier for each stat. Of course I know too many EV's for on stat will make it illegal.
  6. I used the Complete Pokedex code from the AR website but they are all Shiny form. Is it possible to change them back to normal without doing it one by one?
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