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  1. Ah-hah. And the hatch conditions set for Pinwheel Forest make no never mind either? Good to know! Thanks very much RoC. :3
  2. So there's no sort of special altered location/level/date criteria that occurs if a hatched or normal pokemon is traded from another game?
  3. Hello again helpful people. I'm attempting to Pokegen two pokemon into my White game that have the appearance of being hatched from an egg by another trainer, then traded to me at a later level. However, I'm having trouble filling out the information in the Met tab to look as legal/legit as possible. For example, the first Pokemon is a Leafeon. In my story, this Leafeon was hatched from an egg received from the daycare as an Eevee in Pinwheel Forest, then evolved to Leafeon at level 29 and traded to me at the same level. What information should I put in the fields on the Met tab for these conditions? Should Location be Daycare Couple, Level 1, and hatch conditions be Pinwheel Forest? Or should Location be Link Trade, Level 29, hatch conditions Pinwheel Forest? Or something else entirely? I would really appreciate help in figuring this out.
  4. Ah-hah, Thank you very much Guested! And I figured as much, Codr. I wouldn't have much patience for updating the tooltips either, if I were building the program. And can I just express my deep thanks and gratitude to you for all your hard work? *hug* Now to figure out just how to apply info in the Met tab to make a Pokemon appear hatched on another game, then traded to the game I'm using. To the interwebs!
  5. I found another thread with nearly the same question here. While the answer there is satisfactory to answering my own question, I would still appreciate a more detailed answer if anyone wishes to contribute.
  6. I've been wondering something, but can't find any instances of it being answered in another post. When creating a Pokemon on Pokegen, when viewing the Met tab and deciding the Location of where you met the Pokemon you're creating, some of the location entries in the drop box have duplicates. For example: Nuvema Town, Nuvema Town (2) or Daycare Couple, Daycare Couple (G4) What is the difference in choosing the unnumbered location verses it's numbered/labeled duplicate location? What significance does it have towards the apparent legitimacy/legality of a Pokegen-generated Pokemon? I think that an explanation should be included in the tooltip for that, at least. I'm probably not the only person who's wondered.
  7. Thank you Delta for your concise and uncomplicated answer. :3 And thanks to everyone else who helped.
  8. That's very true. If I wanted to make a Litwick that had egg moves, I would use that technique. But in this case I wanted to make a Litwick that looked legitly captured in Celestial Tower.
  9. Really? Because now I'm getting conflicting messages; someone else told me over PM that all Pokegen'd Pokemon for B/W had the setting egg/pal park/shamin/etc.
  10. Stupid newbie that I am, I posted this on the wrong forum and got yelled at. I think I'm in the right forum now. *feels like a moron* I've looked around and I can't find the exact answer, so I turn it to you, good forum people. I'm trying to use Pokegen to create a Pokemon caught in Celestial Tower. My question is this: Which Encounter choice do I select if I set the Location to Celestial Tower? Is it Tall Grass, Cave, or Caught in a Building? I want my Pokemon (in this case, a Litwick) to be as legit as possible. And again, to the mods, sorry about the mispost!
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