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  1. I started getting frustrated after 7 hours of no progress. Can you blame me for trying everything? Do you have any ideas on why the trainer ID keeps messing up? The name's always changing back with the weird symbol in it.
  2. Yeah I literally sent my Pokemon team from my Fire Red all the way through to my Black 2 cartridge. I only sent the pokemon over to my other ds with the flashcart to see what te problem was when they wouldn't transfer.
  3. The title says it all but basically what's going on is that I played through Fire Red and sent my Pokemon through to HG then White and later Black 2 (for PWT). In the end when I tried to transfer them over to Y, it wouldn't work. I haven't tampered with them at all but I do have access to Pokegen and a Flashcart. I've been noticing that the OT always changes to Abrah(weird character)m instead of Abraham. Any help would be appreciated. Here's one of the PKM files: https://www.mediafire.com/?kh099zt0mtgc0gf
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