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  1. My main concern is that these come out shiny.. I'm sick of trying to breed shinies. D: Also, is it alright if the Pokemon are put into three separate codes rather than one huge code since I'm gonna have to put them in manually? If there are any problems or if I left something out, feel free to PM me or whatever. And just like always, I'm in absolutely no rush to get these~ :3
  2. I didn't bother with the SID since the Pokemon is going to be traded to a different game and will act as a traded Pokemon regardless. As for the IVs, I just want them believable. IVs are the one thing I'm not too familiar with, so I'm sorry if I did something wrong.. D: And yes, this is for a code for Pearl~
  3. Hey, is it alright if I make another request? I only want one thing this time~ Like always, I'm in absolutely no rush to get the Pokemon~ :3
  4. Oh man, Pokemon Puzzle League is like.. my all-time favorite puzzle game ever~ <3 The N64 version, more so than the GBC one.. I still enjoy playing it from time to time. My boyfriend doesn't like playing against me 'cause I always beat him, though..
  5. Hi, I'd like to request some stuff~ :3 For this, I want a Japanese Nintendo Zone Jirachi~ Thank you, I really appreciate the help..
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