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  1. I do not understand how to restore back to BW saves after editing them.
  2. Does anyone have a guide on how to do this a, DS Lite, ARDSi, and Wifi?
  3. I have it, I was hoping that you could update your guide on how to do that.
  4. Has this been updated to use with the ARDSi and a DS Lite or DS?
  5. Have you tried that? Cause last time I heard you couldn't. Also is there tutorial on how to do it for a ARDSi and that program on a DS Lite?
  6. We can use Pokedoc's program on a ARDSi now?
  7. There is my ports. ShinyGTS Startup. Ports are open for sure. Port Checker says they are. Though it is unable to Ping my Router. No programs are open to block the ports while ShinyGTS is open. When I choose the option to Deposit a Pokemon it says Checking GTS's status... and then goes to the blue screen of Communication error. Please power off. Does that help?
  8. Ports are forwarded. IP is and that is in the box. I am trying the receive option and I get all the spoofing done, but I get the communication error when trying to send to my pc. Any help?
  9. I hope that we can get a update for the ARDSi soonish. I can't buy any of the needed tools.
  10. My question is if I use my AR on my Smeargle to give him max IV's will that mess up the PID?
  11. http://serebii.net/blackwhite/dreamworldareas.shtml Totodile's DW ability has not been released yet.
  12. Where the PID is highlight it and delete it. Leave it alone and save the .pkm file and reload it. The PID should be there now and correct.
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