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  1. Hey is there a way to edit the locations of pokemon in the pokedex habitat? I edited Natu to be found in the safari zone and it comes up on the DexNav but in the pokedex it still says 'Area unknown'.
  2. http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=347879
  3. Been trying to do this for a while now. I cant find the scripts for the move tutors at the frontier area in HGSS. I simply wish to change the cost from Battle points (BP) to money or Heart scales. And if possible move their location too. This is the last thing I need to complete my hack. Does anyone know how any of this can be done?
  4. so "technically" my totodile is perfect its just i cant use him on random wifi until he's available on the DW? Odd...my friend got a sawsbuck with chlorophyl working on random wifi
  5. yeah done the deposit/withdraw method and still no luck
  6. but neither has drizzle politoad or drought ninetails and they work on random wifi
  7. HI I have spend hours trying to get my totodile with its DW ability Sheer Force to work but it still does not pass the legality check and have set the 0x42 = 01 thing but still no luck. Heres the .pkm file, so what am I doing wrong?
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