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  1. Hi guys, this must be a stupid question and maybe this is not the thread to ask it, but last night i was searching codes and i saw something interesting, i saw a View Secret ID code, but it had this legend (YOU MUST DEACTIVATE THE CODE OR YOU WILL NOT ABLE TO FIND ANY LEGIT SHINY) so is there codes that actually block or change the internal data in order that you don't get legit shiny anymore? I wondering because i always use the IV Checker code for example with starters since they are lvl 5 and it's hard to see how much IV they have, so i turn on the AR, i set the IV checker code and i play until i get a starter with good IV, but since the game has been alterate by show me the IV, it's there any chance my version get mess up for saving the game when i used the code on that pokemon? like no more legit shiny or something like that? i know, i know i can do the shinies pokemon i ever want with the AR but i would love have 1 legit in black 2. Or the AR codes just mess up your game when you enter a wrong code and save the game?? i really want to know if those codes like the IV checker are bad for the internal system, i think they are not because it shows you the IV just if you hold L, then if you change the pokemon or the page the original stats come back. I hope that someone can answer my question and if i don't explain myself please let me know. Thank you guys ^^.
  2. Hey guys! how are you? Can somebody tell me if there is a PID checker code for Soul Silver and Black and White? If the codes exist please, let me know! Thank you all!
  3. Ok Thanks for the answer! Well i have another cuestion I was catching dialga, but his lvl 70 make so hard reduce life from him and capture him, and i want a dialga modest with the best IV in S. Attack, so i was seeking in google for a nature modifier code and i found it! My cuestion is if i use the nature modifier code to the wild dialga(only nature modifier to all the dialgas i captured been Modest and check the best IV i can get) will be legal? I'll appreciate your answers! =)
  4. Ok, i'm not the guy who asking that but i have another question about that if im doing a pokemon that was captured in platinum into my Soul Silver you said that i need to use the hex from platinum but what about the hex number of the pokeball? i need to put it? or like the pokemon is originally captured from platinum the 86h is not fill? Hope you can answer my doubt! Thanks!
  5. Because i only have Action Replay, i dont have a rom, where do you check this?? i had a something called NDS link but my cousin lost it, and i only buy the AR!! can i check this in my PC?? Thanks for your answer man!! :kikkoman:
  6. i have 1 question: what's the hidden hex values for the porygon that you recive in velistone city from the guy? i mean in the 85h!! I hope you can help me!! thanks!!
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