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  1. The Official "Pokemon" on Facebook announced about 10 minutes ago that distribution began today. I will see about getting a pkm file of it ready.
  2. Bro, you always have something up your sleeve. I never know with you. Do I at least get to take it for a test drive before it's released since I'm your GTS buddy :3?
  3. Oh okay. Sorry, my bad then. You don't get many breaks do you? Last time you vanished it was exams I believe....
  4. Hey RoC, you kinda died and didn't finish this thread....I think. I can probably sort the tutorials into text data for those whose bandwidth doesn't allow youtubing (Mine used to not. I know how it is)
  5. Yea the dual Send and recieve would interest me too. Btw, i think it's Platinum and D/P that get said error code, not SS/HG. Btw RoC...... <----KanashimiKun
  6. I could speak with someone i know with a 3DS about performing some tests. If you say okay, ill refer them here and you can handle it from there.
  7. Anyway, im having a problem. Does this work with 3DS? Some of the people im sending to are reporting problems with 3DS transfers. Ive looked in the log and they seem to be requesting different hostnames.
  8. Trout, your IP address is your DNS number. Put that in. ShinyDTS and GTS dont give you a number, you use your ip address. Acetrainer, can you post a screen shot or copy paste what windows tells you?
  9. I think your out of luck man From what i know once a save is wiped by the game the only option is to start over. I can give you an XML to put on your action replay that would restore your save but i would need all the details of your save.
  10. I could swear this was for AR codes only. Not chit-chat. Im still compiling a list of my 3000 codes. Ill zip and attach them so it doesnt take up an entire page . Ill edit the post when im done.
  11. I checked. It is a physical server. I am temporarily using a different program and it uses port 80 as well and it works just fine.
  12. Ive checked all ports,shut down every non-windows process, and even tried completely reinstalling the OS but NOTHING seems to work....
  13. I have NOTHING on the server except for windows, and my gts server stuff.....trust me im a computer networker i would have checked the ports dont ya think. the ports are open but that shouldnt affect turning it on would it?
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