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  1. I will be getting Soul Silver cause Ho-Oh is useless.
  2. For some reason, Mine does not have the name in Japanese. Just 3 Is.
  3. I don't know how do use any of that and they have a quality guarantee and you can return the game if it does not work. And I got it for a steal! 5 dollars!
  4. I noticed this Arceus has really bad stats. None are even in the 300 range. My Deoxys owned it with one hit of Psycho Boost.
  5. I joined a Warrior Cat Role Play site that is really popular then I came up with this name and use it everywhere. My avatar has never had anything to do with cats though.
  6. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory Kate Voegelle - A Fine Mess
  7. I just got it! It has all 386 Pokemon shiny and at level 100 and they all obey you when you start the game! It is awesome! They also have Leaf Green 386! Does anyone else have this game?
  8. Well, I would use a machine gun and get a bunch of ammo for it and mow them all down! I might do some knifing to!
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