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  1. PokéSAV Anime Edition

    I like this idea a lot, i made some of the anime to play in my rom, but this are very cool Thanks, keep it that way
  2. Archived Sticky: Event Contribution Collection

    Please con someone upload B'day Chimchar 09 in pkm file ?? Thanks in advance
  3. PIkachu Colored Pichu - Hacked Pokemon ??

    Thanks for the answer See ya!!
  4. Hi, i don't know if this is the right place for this post, i hope it is. I'm wondering why the .pkm file of the Pichu Shokotan that is in the page on the japanese events, the type said "Hacked Pokemon" is it right ?? I wanna show you a picture for you to understand better The program Legal is the one that is on the page too Thanks for teh help Leo