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  1. Sorry for re-posting, but I got a bad code. Can someone else help? Also I have another. thanks much
  2. Thanks, and I know this may be off-topic but can someone check the EXP codes? None of them are working and I'm pretty sure its not my AR because other codes work on it.
  3. Yes, naughty, my bad. Does the secret ID need to be specific or can you just put anything? If so, any mix of numbers would be fine.
  4. Can anyone do this for me? Pokemon 1: Darkrai Pokemon 2: Shiny Alakzam Main Pokemon: Darkrai Splice Type: full Additional Details: I'm thinking maybe more Darkrai-ish color as the main, and shiny Alakzam color as secondary. Please and thanks:biggrin:
  5. Only a PKMN super-fan would spend that much time on a game. Everyone here is insane.
  6. Awhile back I kinda stopped playing pokemon but got back into it with Black and White. Now I'm going through SS again but certain codes aren't working while others seem to be going just fine. Eg, I can use the Any Pokemon code (L+R for 493 Master balls, throw out as many as needed to get the national dex number of desired pokemon, find pkmn in the wild) but other codes like the EXP modifiers and All TMs/HMs don't work. Could this be because I haven't updated the AR since I stopped playing?
  7. Sorry if I'm asking for something that's already been done, but I have dial-up and can't wade through all the pages. Is there a code to max out your casino coins? Also the EXP codes aren't working for me. I changed the game ID on my AR but still have the same problem.
  8. <p><p><p><p><p>Dear creeps who have come to my page,</p></p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p><p>No I did not put any personal information or a picture on here simply because this is a pokemon thread, and anyone over the age of twenty still playing pokemon is probably a pedophile. Unless of course you're me, in which case you're just a beastly awesome dude.</p></p></p></p></p>

  9. Same here, Hurricane. I triple-checked the code. Once it gave me a bad egg and another time it was just a ? in box 15 that when I clicked on it froze the game.
  10. I actually don't have a GB but I use the emulator on my laptop. When I go into a town in SS I go to the same town in Silver on my laptop
  11. For all of us who like to parade what we can do WITHOUT CHEATING. Mainly I just wanted to brag about having caught every G/S/C legendary with ultra balls and raising an epic team with regular pokemon :cool: My current save: Name: Donovan Time: 27:43 PKMN seen: 307 PKMN caught: 65 Badges: 16 Elite Four beaten 72 times with a different team each time Current team: Typhlosion, lv 100 Poliwrath, lv 99 Vileplume, lv 97 Ampharos, lv 100 Lugia, lv 91 Alakazam, lv 100 You wouldn't think Poliwag, Cyndaquil, Oddish and Mareep would make a good starter team, but it actually worked like a charm.
  12. I'm with Eevee on this, hoping the thread is still active. take as long as you need, thanks in advance
  13. I'm hoping the thread is still active, saw that the lost post was two weeks ago. Anyway, I'd like a Darkrai avvie with a dark aura-ish background like my sig and my name in Unown letters. Thanks guys
  14. no specific moveset. go ahead and mess around with it AR code for SS thanks in advance by the way, can anyone tell me what happened to the request thread? I miss it
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