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  1. New type combinations

    I'm super pumped.... they paid attention to my three favorite types... IE dragon/ghost/steel in Ghost/Fire (double evo chain!!!) ghost/water (single evo chain) ground/ghost (double evo chain) a slew of bug/steel? Dark/dragon, ice/dragon, electric/dragon, fire/dragon, pure dragon. its AWESOME!!!
  2. Black and White starters

    Turns out the evolutions that were leaked are true... Serebii confirmed... We have another fire/fighting people... let the chaos commence...
  3. Black and White starters

    Serebii said it has a high chance of being real... If it is i'm going to be Mad at GameFreak... it looks like another fire/fighting, the water one looks like what? Water/steel? and the grass one looks awesome... maybe grass/electric? I'm not liking any of them... but the water one looks kinda kool?
  4. New type combinations

    There is already a Fire/Steel..... Heatran? I think the ones i really was are: Steel/Ghost Steel/Grass Grass/Dragon Ice/Dragon My 3 fav types are Ghost/Dragon/Steel
  5. New type combinations

    My idea would be a Fire/Poison snake with levitate, and is it me or should either Flygon or Yanmega should have been Dragon/Bug? Also some Ghost/Rock, Ghost/Ground, Ghost/Water, Ghost/Fire, i just want more ghosts, they are my favorite type by far! (you have no idea how much i loved Froslass and Rotom... not so big on Drifloom....)
  6. New type combinations

    Nah, Dusknoir is good as a Ghost type... Can't think of much more... hmm...
  7. New type combinations

    I agree with the Ninetales bit too. Hmm what other pokemon need their dual types? I think Masquerain should have been Bug/Water not Bug/flying...
  8. Ok thanks to a very helpful person, i have now a url of my plot.... also i kinda created a meshup region to go with it... please bear with me here.... i'll be posting the URL of A) The Fake pokedex (http://i1018.photobucket.com/albums/af302/xshamirx/newfakepkkm.png?t=1277685399) B) The subplot adventures and (http://pastebin.com/vvBc1VNU) C) The fake place... yea... (http://i1018.photobucket.com/albums/af302/xshamirx/LandofLarda.jpg?t=1277684826) Yea the pokemon pic is showing up small... I'll continue to try and find a way to resize it, but for now i hope it works for ya. Tell me what you think?
  9. I don;t have a plot but i have designed LOADS of sub/mini plot/adventures, i'm using the fake pokedex going around with some tweeks added (like making steelix his rightful Steel/ground typing) among others, i want to share it with you guys but besides pasting it here i have no idea how to put it.... hmm.... anyone know of places where you can just past loads of texts?
  10. New type combinations

    I think Ghosts need new types, and I think Luxray should have been a dark/electric... how can you look at it and not think "DARK!" also grass dragon... would be interesting..,