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  1. <p><p><p><p><p>Hey Riolu Sphere Now ,I joined your friend list.I hope you join mine! Your so cool dude!!!!</p></p></p></p></p>

  2. I really only use it on hard to catch legandary pokemon because once when I was trying to catch Groudon I had 74 ultra balls and It still wasnt caught.I was like so shocked and I didnt have a master ball.So I just shut my dsi off,tried again and I finally caught it lol.
  3. My Favorite pokemon movie is Arceus and the jewl of life. lol! Awsome movie!!!!!!!!
  4. Hey Mewtwo Ex,is there ever going to be an action replay code for one of the shiny beasts to activate the monster fox pokemon for black & white?Please tell me!If you do all add you to my friend list.sorry...I forgot how to spell the monster fox's pokemon name.
  5. Bassman,do you use action replay?If you do a code you used might have caused the man at the fan club not to give you the lost item because you dont have to beat Misty to get it.Well...unless you need a hm to get it.I have seen people on this website have similar problems.
  6. lol these games are AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to buy them both!They are even better than the previous games Heartgold an Soulsilver.GO GENERATION 5!!!!!
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