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  1. really nice but it makes the pokemon that i make have Apparently met , and the SID is changed
  2. Are you useing a router like wireless or direct modem? If its a direct modem Its mostliklygonna use your regular ip takea ,ook at this http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?780-GTS-website-research&p=68886&viewfull=1#post68886
  3. mainly made it out of general boredom . When you loose your job and have noting better to do because the economy is failing and your waiting for a few things to happen first before you join the military you get very board. Also i like to know how many times the pokemon im hosting has bin downloaded
  4. Use the python script by lordlandon with a auto re starter i made you can find it here http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?780-GTS-website-research&p=74808&viewfull=1#post74808
  5. ezxen.game-server.cc/gts Is mine im changing out pokemon every two days
  6. Awesome thank you for this really appreciated
  7. Hey Guys since there are a few that cant get it working and some who can we should post the ips of us who can so people can connect and download the pokemon were sharing . ================================ Current hosted Pokemon Stats Set wireless DNS : Pokemon: HAunter Duration : Tuseday the 27 Upcoming: Random
  8. yeah ive started form the begenning a little while ago on page 8 where m@t just released it
  9. Hey for those of you who want Sendpkm reload on close i made a re starter and i thought i share it with every one. you just put the folder path to where the sendpkm.py file is and then hit the green poke ball to start sendpkm and auto restart if it closes and the red to stop auto stop. i also set pathtopoke=raw_input() to pathtopoke = "full path to pkmfile :pkm/charmander.pkm" so on restart it auto loads the pkm . Thought this would be useful for any one wanting to host events and wanted to keep the program running so no worry of it going down.It also minimizes to system tray Send PKM restarter - OLD New Version With Download counter and direct sendpkm.py editor
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