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  1. Example: You are hosting a Web Server on a PC that has LAN IP Address of and your ISP is blocking Port 80. Name the Virtual Server (for example: Web Server) Enter the IP Address of the machine on your LAN (for example: Enter the Private Port as [80] Enter the Public Port as [8888] Select the Protocol (for example TCP). Ensure the schedule is set to Always Click Save to add the settings to the Virtual Servers List Repeat these steps for each Virtual Server Rule you wish to add. After the list is complete, click Save Settings at the top of the page. With this Virtual Server entry, all Internet traffic on Port 8888 will be redirected to your internal web server on port 80 at IP Address The problem is you can't tell the DS to look at port 8888, so no, I don't believe there is a way to get around this.
  2. Yep, which you can find at whatsmyip.org Remember, you have to have port 80 and 53 forwarded to you computer for the external to work.
  3. You have to set the DNS on your DS. I'm going to install .net and actually run the GTS server. I've just been using the python scripts. Maybe I'll see what you mean when I do that.
  4. sendpkmn.py is a one time thing. You need to use one of the "server" programs for more than once. If you actually are using one of those programs then I'm not sure I understand your question.
  5. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?780-GTS-website-research
  6. Change the DNS on your computer's settings (the one your Nintendo WiFi is connected to). Click Start > Control Panel > Network Connections and select your local network. On the General tab click Properties > Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Click Properties The Internet Protocol window will appear. Click Use the following DNS server addresses and enter the DNS server(s) you want to use.
  7. Being able to get a legit .pkm of your own game is pretty nice. Also, other people could deposit pokemon to you and then take them back, basically giving you that pokemon.
  8. You get that error when you walk up to the PC once you're inside the GTS? If so, that means the pokemon you're trying to send has something wrong with it.
  9. So this may not be of any use to anyone, but it was useful to me and so I figured I'd share. I messed with Vlad's python code a little bit so that it would rotate through pokemon that I had in a folder when giving pokemon out. Also, it will never go to the "Summery" screen in the GTS, it will just always send the pokeball down whenever you get to the GTS computer. Just some minor tweaks that were annoying me, and it helped me to learn some python. Just put the pokemon you want to give out in the pkm folder and it will cycle through them in the order they appear in the directory. (hint: to change the order, just rename the files with numbers at the front. So the first pokemon to give out would be 001zubat.pkm instead of zubat.pkm.) dns_and_pkm_srv_rlet.zip
  10. Nice. As soon as I get some of the more basic sending server stuff worked out I'll try this and give you feedback.
  11. Once this new router comes in I'll have a server up most of the time. I'll throw mine up when I get it. Have you guys checked out @FrancisGTS? http://francisgts.zxq.net/ He's got a pretty extensive server set up that usually runs a few times a day. Not sure what he's using.
  12. So to answer one of your questions: Yes they technically COULD be the same same for two people, but unless people are purposely picking them to be the same, it is unlikely, though not impossible.
  13. Are you using your external IP or your internal one (192.168.x.y)? If you're just doing it for yourself, the internal is usually easier, though you can certainly do the external. Where are you erroring out? Are you getting into the GTS computer room or erroring out before that? 52100?
  14. Hmm... cause I went to access my webserver (running on the same computer as the DNS server and pkmn server) and I got the Hello World message (which is what "out" is set to if there's no request in your pkmn server). I'll have to test it more when all my stuff comes back online. I don't think I can run GTS Nuker (though I haven't tried yet) with Apache running at the same time, which is why I liked your python scripts better. I'll try and do some more research soon.
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