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  1. Just one more question, should it be set this way for each pokemon with a dream ability or just Giratina?
  2. Awesome, tyvm. I didn't know if its been brought up before or not. Tried searching it, but didn't see anything. But yeah, thanks again
  3. When creating Giratina with it's dream ability (telepathy), if you give him a Griseous orb, then take it back, his dream ability turns into his normal (Pressure) ability. Any fix for this?
  4. I have 3 different WISH Chanseys and each one shows a different PID type, what PID type is she?
  5. It usualy means the pokemon was traded, does it not?
  6. When you drag your pkm file over to the sendpkm.py, the app will open and tell you what to set your DNS as. As far as I know you don't need a secondary, only a primary.
  7. lol wow m@t you're seriously efficient. And thank you for adding that, awesome indeed *downloaded now*. Now i'd worship you if you could just get rid of that stupid ribbon limitation lol. But yeah, thanks for including that feature so fast. Should make a lot of things much much easier.
  8. Well it happened first with the old server, the new server it happened, but then after posting this I rebooted. Works like a charm now, it ran all night, morning, and day. No problems. But yeah that'd be awesome to do that with the folders. Save a lot of time sorting through pokemon lol.
  9. My friend noticed a problem, like with the pkmsend each time he D/C's and reconnects, it wont allow him to. Except instead of the server shutting down, it just kicks him out to the title screen, and the server is still active?
  10. M@T would it be possible to add the feature of depositing pokemon by IP (seperate folders per IP)? Just thought it'd be a neat feature
  11. woohoo, he tested it through wifi and it went through, now we're testing it on GTS. I forgot to unblock 53 from firewall *i feel stupid*. Stand by and i'll let you know if GTS is sucessful **EDIT** GTS was tested 100% success. Thank you for your help m@t, and i'll be waiting for your new version haha
  12. Should I also disable DHCP and make my local ip's static, or would that help? Trying what you mentioned now, let me double check
  13. No, it doesn't go through at all. But I had him type in the same ip to his browser to see if it would, and it did. Not sure if that helps any.
  14. I just did as you said, my friend tried it, and still gets a 52100 error. Ugh
  15. Ok, Port 80 and 53 are open so no problems there. Specificaly, what dns/ip do I run in DNS_Server.exe and what dns/ip do people use as their primary and secondary dns to connect to me? This is where my issue lies.
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