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  1. Here is the Nature mod on existing (caught) pokemon. Simply place the pokemon you want to change the nature of into box 1 slot 1 and Press the L button.
  2. The pokemon gender mod you made also changes the pokemon's nature. For example turning it into a female gender gives it modest nature and male gender gives it quiet nature always.
  3. Hi, I was just wondering if there is a code that allows you to put a certain hidden power on a poke without moding its Iv stats
  4. Thanks M@T, and I found this code but It won't work for some reason. IV Mod marking. Iv 31 1206F11A 000021XX 1206F130 000020XX 1206F144 000020XX 1206F158 000020XX 1206F16C 000020XX 1206F180 000020XX Replace [XX] with [00-1F].
  5. Does anyone know if an ability mod code exists? I tried searching for one, but never found one.
  6. Yeah dsa thanks for the elaboration there, but just like you said I tried activating the shiny code with the egg code. Care to explain the kenobi warning? (Tried breeding new poke without the shiny cheat and still the egg hatch won't work)
  7. Also for some reason the quick egg hatch code doesn't work for me anymore, why is this? (the code worked always before and I was hatching dozens of eggs like this but now it just stoped working all together)
  8. Is there a code that can make your pokemon lvl 100 (ine. leaving your pokemon in day-care and it makes it lvl 100)?
  9. This post is directed at M@T, first great work on the codes; secondly can you please work on getting the EV code translated to vitamins like in platnium and make the nature code affect eggs, and recievable pokemon like fossils. Thank you
  10. M@T, can you please make a code so that MAX EV can be obtained from vitamins just like in platnium thanks in advance.
  11. Guys can you please work on getting the EV code translated to the platnium method of protein=max attack etc... That way of getting max EV was the most easiest instead of all this Pc method and you can only use 1 at a time thing.
  12. Can anyone post a shiny code that works with a nature mod? (When I try to use both the game freezes upon the pkmn encounter)
  13. Anyone have a code that can affect the natures of the eggs? Since the current nature mod doesnt work on eggs
  14. Strange I am using Ds lite and I seem to have trouble using the nature mod and shiny code together, yet seperate they run smoothly. And by the way to the giratina guy why would you care if your pkm looks hacked you can't use giratina in online battles.
  15. Ah thanks spirit, I found out what the problem was the shiny code isnt compatible with the nature mod
  16. Thanks man your really helpful, and how about the shiny code how does one get it to work. Everytime I try to use it my game freezes upon the pkmn encounter.
  17. Hey spirit do you know by any chance how to use the EV codes. I can't get them to work (tried using on wild pokemon and using the item powers ups like hp, protein carbos...ect)
  18. Thanks so much spirit, and yes I should of tested before saving.
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