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  1. Just announced: Thick Fat Vensaur Drought Charizard Launcher Blastoise Will be back with more when I have more time!!!

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  3. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Hello there! How's your program coming along?</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  4. Nicely put. I didn't even think about the effect this would have on abilities and such. They should definitely have that in mind. As you say, abilities like Keen Eye have close to absolutely no bearing on the Meta's at this point and while I sometimes forget that the actual game is the focal point of what they create, this sort of thing will again add a little change that can add to massively different game. You never know, in a couple months time we could be seeing Junpluff signature set revolving around sweet scent.
  5. I'm also a fan of further diversification of Pokemon. I just know that a lot of madbros that are already prone to rage quittin are probably gunna have a heart attack when they see this. I like the hax factor, more the better! Throughout all of gen V I've stuck but SpD HaxRachi. In games like fallout I'm forever raising luck to its max and abusing weapons with massive critical hit ratios. Anywhom, after thinking further into this, I'm thinking that this heal chance might work across the board for all statuses, but giving that paralysis is all that we actually know of means that its the only status to be reported. The other thing that came to mind last night was that maybe I've been thinking about these stats all wrong. Instead of say critical chance starting at 6.5%, maybe it gets nerfed down to like 2% and you have to work your way back up. I'm jut thinking about evasion as so far as we know, it starts at 0% an we have to build on it. Maybe all of these stats will work in a similar fashion. This'll mean that for the most part hax will remain unchanged with the inclusion of rare in battle effects. This could explain the whole Sylveon thing surviving that hydro pump, maybe the new Survivability kicked in? I can't wait for more to be found out about these, like you said Guested, it'll certainly add an extra level of depth and strategical thinking to the game and open doors to all new faucets of game plays.
  6. Just been looking trough the In-Battle effects of Pokemon Amie. Apparently there are ways to increase a pokemon's critical hit ratio, survivability (random Sturdy effect), evasion and the ability to heal paralysis. This seems crazy. These effects will be sort of like the happiness stat which the player can increase via interactions with their Pokemon over time. What we'll essentially have in simulators is a slide bar for critical ratio, survivability, natural evasion and heal-ability. Pokemon with super luck are going to have a field day. I imagine the increase wit be massive for critical hit ratio, but when you think of moves like night slash having a one in 8 chance to critical hit, furthered to 1 in 4 with super luck (I believe) any small boost could turn that into a 50% chance. Think of a simple 3.5% increase to critical hits with super luck and slash. 1/10 (6.5% [standard] + 3.5 [elevated critical 'stat')] chance for a critical, basic. 1/5 chance with night slash 1/2.5 chance with super luck. But then again, these stats could be more of an individual thing. For instance I'd imagine Scyther to have a higher evasion rate than, say, Snorlax but also have a lower survival chance. And then there's the evasion chance. We can't blanket ban a majority of the game because they are naturally more prone to dodging moves. But what would that then say about evasion raising moves and items? Surely they should then be allowed on the basis that evasion is something that is naturally occurring any way. Or maybe this will be the final nail in the coffin for bright powder and double team. You thought hax sucked before? You've seen nothing yet!
  7. I do very much like the idea of a reconfigured damage calculation. Though, I don't know of what purpose it would serve. Surely it would just essentially be like giving every Pokemon a boost in defence and thus nullify the changes it would be made for. I'm all for a rethink on-mass of pokemons stats typings and abilities. The games been around for a long time now and it isn't what it once was. Along the way Gamefreak have made massive changes to their Pokemon, think the inclusion of steel typing for Pokemon that were clearly made of metal (the magne's), the introduction of abilities to further individualise pokemon within certain types and the physical special split so that things like Gyarados and Flareon could actually use the strongest stats. I hope to see some big changes. We're due some.
  8. I like that vid a lot, wraithy baby! Will have to watch properly later, long old day today. Nice to see you getting involved, Guested . I was of the belief it was one per trainer. Would one per battle sort of be a first to the trigger sort of thing? And if you don't get there first tough luck, try again next time? A potentially worrying concept, and outside of that new as of yet unreleased game (what appears to be pokken fighters) we haven't seen any footage of two Megas facing off.
  9. It won't take up a move slot, it'll happen at the same time with an addition button. For instance Absol could use sucker punch to Revenge KO and evolve all at once. Amphoros could use agility and Evolve all at once, giving it a potential specially based dragon dance. A whole new dynamic!
  10. I don't think we'll see any extra moveslots being dolled out any time soon. It's near impossibility since the demo didn't have 5 moveslots, either. Shit, just imagine the tanking and boostin one could do with 5 moveslots. Sub / protect / recover / toxic / anti-taunt-bait move. Jesus that'd be scary! As for your ponderings on NU, either one of two things will happen. We'll either see massive power creep throughout all tiers, and little will change other than a few Pokemon moving up or down due to new or lost niches. OR everything will turn on its head, whole new tiers to get used to. I'm more open for the latter, even if Gen V did stir the tiers up somewhat you still had the same top dogs on top and the same bottom dwellers... Dwelling.
  11. Well you see this is the worry, things like Garchomp and Salamence certainly don't need MegaEvolution. We don't want their presence as MegaMons to be massively detrimental to the game, we want those lost in obscurity to be able to compete at the same level. This thing could go either way.
  12. Alls I have is my mobile these days. Hence the stupid auto corrected words in my posts and mass misspellings of others Also I didn't know that Ryuu meant dragon. Thanks for clearing that up! Seriously, though, I think we're simply going to see a lot new typings thrown in to rehash old Pokemon, I don't think the Megastones will e addin the typing. Especially now knowing that Amphoros is all but called ElectricDragon. I hope this is the case because there are mons out there (think Gyarados) that could do with their typing being reviewed.
  13. See I'm thinking, maybe these Pokemon are already gaining the typing, the MegaEvolution is just the added ability and stat boost. In the case of Mawile it makes sense that its a Fairy/ Steel type. However I never would have seen Amphoros as part dragon. But all they've revealed is that the MegaEvo gains the typing. The only workable way for it to be truly beneficial is of the typinga were added before hand so's that Amphoros can learn Draco meteor/ pulse etc before hand. As for kanga, I certainly think it'll be a separate set of base stats for the baby. It would make any sense otherwise. I mean return should never have 153 x2 BP. That's stronger than V-Create... He'll its stronger than explosion with literally no drawback. I just can't wait to see what else gets the Evolution! It's like Dream World Abolities all over again except much cooler! I dare say we're going to see a fair few banned Pokemon.
  14. Well what were talking about here is essentially an item that makes Mawile 4x resistant to Dragon type Pokemon and doubles his attack. I can't see how that'd be gimmicky, in all honesty. For Amphoros, were looking at an item that for all intents and purposes only adds a weakness. There'd be little viable argument to outright ban a huge part of the meta game for the sake of a few bad eggs. Where as a ban of say Lucario + Lucarionite seems like a just ban that would serve to only aid the meta-game (should he be an issue.) Another interesting fact here is that you activate the MegaEvolution in battle WHILST using an attack. So this'd and it'll be easy to use and allows for a good amount of mind games, Lucario, for example is very much useable without the MegaEvolution and as such could be played like a lure. I'm talking feigning a special set, hit the MegaEvolution an sart kicking all sorts of ass from the physical side as MegaLucario. Or think about Absol whom fares well with a swords dance set relyin on the boosted crit chance of super luck, then as a wall comes in to inflict status he could hit the Mega switch and send the status affliction right back. I think it could allow for really interesting tactics and open up a whole new avenue of game play. I so hope however that it isnt done in a game smashing way that causes it to be banned.
  15. Thanks for updating this Lorshy, I've been meaning to for quite some time. So in the weeks passed we've seen a lot of new Pokemon and in general a lot of new information. Want I'm going to focus on here, however, is the MegaEvolutions. This inclusion is ground breaking potentially game breaking. This is for all intents and purposes the 'Attackolite' that theorymoned in posts past. So, we already know that Blaziken will get a MegaEvolution (ME). Good God only knows what sort of doom this will spell for the already Über, but I think it's safe to say that this is another generation that won't be seeing Blaziken. What has my interst piqued more so about this is that of one starter gets a MegaEvolution, then naturally they all should. Without having information to actually go by we can only assume but I'm hoping thins like Meganium and Typhlosion become more used and hopefully not completely broken. We also have MegaLucario which will see a boost in attack and the Ability Adaptability. This is massive. We're talking about 240 BP Close Combats here. That, in and of itself, is enough to be excited for. Then there's MegaMawile! One of my all time favourites is gunna be useable! So MegaMawile will see a boost to its defences, gain a fairy typing and - last but not least - the ability Huge Power...! Lets talk about that for a second, you thought Azumaril's Awua Jet was powerful? Now we're talking about sucker punches coming off of an attack stat that is at minimum 85 doubled (Azumaril's, I believe is only 50). Mawile is going to be the dragon slayer of this generation. It's steel typing being able to sponge the dragon typed attacks and its fairy typing and massive priority being their demise. It's hard counter will be Pokemon like Terrakion, this should hopefully be enough to keep it from getting the boot to uber. Massively excited for this! MegaAbsol will gain the ability Magic Bounce and see an increase in attack. This is great news for Absol, as it will now see a lot more switching in opportunities, unphazed by stray status moves. It could also see a rise as an effective anti lead (should it be able to boast bulk enough to shrug off in boosted neutral attacks) as it will be untauntable, the opponent won't be able to set hazards and it can at minimum 2HKO with Superpower and Sucker Punch. Amphoros is another Pokemon that is fully evolved and gets a ME. Amphoros gains a dragon typing and also Mould Breaker. I don't believe that Amphoros in this instance really gains much, just another Weakness. And while Mould Breaker is a great ability, without the moves to use it, it'll only really be able to hit Zapdos neutrally with Thunderbolt. Finally there's MegaKangaskhan. This is an oddball if we ever did see one. The ability, Parental Bond allows it and its child to attack in the same turn. Now aside from the obvious hint that LC will be blessed with a baby kanga to play with, it's competitive usage means that each attack Kangaskhan performs will be essentially stronger and potentially able to bypass substitutes. I wonder how the mechanics might work. Imagine two STABed returns coming your way, or two Focus Punches. He'll think of how strong his Fake Out will now be! Some things to consider: - Megastones are a held item. So whilst they gain all that they gain they lose the ability to hold leftovers, life orb, choice items etc. - as ME is a form of evolution, does this mean that Pokemon like Amphoros could use eviolite and become crazy bulky? - there's always the chance that ME breaks the game. We can only hope that a ban system such as no rain + swift swim is put in place instead of banning ME altogether, or worse yet, banning Pokemon like Mawile. - Only one MegaEvolution per battle. - Would Zoroark's ability imitate the before or after ME Pokemon? Could we feint MegaLucario and instead come out swinging with scarfed standard Lucario? All very exciting.
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  18. <p><p><p><p><p><p>By all means. Been working some long ass weeks. Exhausted doesn't even start to cut it <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/mellow.png" alt=":|" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/mellow@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p></p></p></p></p></p>


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  20. Well the bear's got unresisted STAB. That's fantastic. If his speeds anything above 60 he'll be able to pull of the old ScarTar set pretty well, but, with close combat instead of stone edge. Maybe he'll get that, too! The thing that has doomed the bear is typing an lack of moves, this guy has (potentially!) both. Crunch/Pursuit / Close Combat / Parting Remark / Ice/Fire Punch is all that I ask.
  21. Metal Burst and shadow sneak would be awesome. A bit like my old troll Sableye lead. Edit: this guy is now called Honedge. - confirmed for swords dance - a vice like move that drains life... Wrap / Bind?
  22. I see what you mean, but with those sorts of resistances and immunities it shouldn't have a hard time switching in regardless. Think Gen IV Lucario? Mewtwo-Ex raised a fine bit of speculatory genius in the speculation thread that thy could be version exclusives and one could be shield. If that's the case I can imagine a sort of Ramporados and Bastiodon sort of thing going on. In either case the typing will be greatly appreciated for switching in or general tanking capabilities. That typing alone can take on Scizor, Tyranitar, Terrakion, CB/CS dragons... All sorts. I like the idea of an iron fist of sorts for the slashy moves, gallade for instance will have a hell of a time using Psycho Cut / Close combat/ Night Slash ... Leaf Blade, or something anyway. Say they get a 20% increase (such as I believe iron fist currently is) STAB Slash attacks become 119 BP with a critical chance. That's crazy good!
  23. Monorpale [FR] This guy is the newest reveal for the upcoming games. The first and foremost interesting thing is his typing. Ghost/ Steel is a typing that has been theorymoned for as long as the game has been competitive. What this means is that he sports on a weakness to fire and ground types, and if levitate is thrown into the mix (which by the looks of things it won't) then the latter weakness is mitigated. Invulnerability to toxic spikes and poison in general, as well as reduced damage from SR means that entry hazards are not a worry for this guy. Great resistances to the common dragon, ice, rock and flying typed moves bolstered by complete immunity to fighting and normal typed moves means this guy is not going to worry at all about switching in. As a ghost type we can all but assume that he'll get pain split and will I wisp to further help with tanking/ walling and generally disrupting the opponent, all of which could potentially make him a hard guy to take down. As far as offensive capabilities go, that same typing doesn't necessarily lend itself to going on the offence, while it is neutrally quite good the super effective coverage isn't great at all. But, for what it does have coverage over it could be potentially game breaking. For instance STAB flash cannon is going to do a hefty amount of damage to both Terrakion and Tyranitar (so long as it gets decent investment in special attack). On the physical side we have gyro ball, potentially - though a long shot - meteor mash and iron head. Given that its a sword I dare say sword dance will probably be a given, also. As for its ghost typing STAB shadow sneak backed by sword dance would be a lovely little treat, allowing it to come in rapid spin or ice beam off of Starmie and instantly threaten it on its weaker defence. I could carry on writing but... Time kills, folks. Last thought to ponder is whether or not it'll turn out to be a bad Spiritomb.
  24. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Fantastic! I guess the best thing you could do is look for what people dislike about PokeGen/ Sav and tailor yours around that. It's fascinating, really. I can't wait to see the final product, keep on trucking!</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  25. <p><p><p><p><p><p>That's all a bit passed my expertise. What separates it from PokeGen if you don't mind my asking?</p></p></p></p></p></p>

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