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  1. Could someone please get these .pkm files to their game and trade them to mine, please? IR-GTS doesn't support my fourth gen team and I don't have the hardware to do it myself. Pokemon Black: 2107 8534 4785
  2. PM sent. Hope you see this bump or your inbox notification.
  3. Bumping because previous post didn't move thread.
  4. Still need this. Anyone with some spare time please help a brother out.
  5. Still need this team to give to my friend. Anyone with some spare time and willing to help out would be very appreciated.
  6. Hi, if anyone with Pokesav and Pokemon Platinum could upload these and trade them to me over WiFi I'd really appreciate it. It's a team I created for a friend. Leave a message or PM me if you're willing, and if you want to schedule a meeting time, that is fine too, or I can just wait around. FC: 0474 8239 3119 Many thanks. Metagross.pkm Scizor.pkm Slowbro.pkm Heracross.pkm Jolteon.pkm Houndoom.pkm
  7. Bump. Hopefully someone has the time to spare to help me out with this. I know six at a time is quite a bit.
  8. Happy holidays, Ray. Could I get another Scizor, but with the EXP at level 100 being 1000000? The old one had 1059860 EXP at 100, which is illegal. Also, I stupidly lost the Salamence you made me on the GTS when I was trying out the "This Pokemon cannot be offered for trade" thing. Could you make one more for me please? Suicune is still blocked from certain things but I'm content to wait till HG/SS comes out in English for a working Suicune. Thanks again.
  9. Hey Ray (lol). I'll keep it short. Thanks for the team you made me before. I was hoping you could make me a new Suicune. Could you help me to make sure this is a valid, legal set? I'm pretty sure it is. Also I hope you can get the Japanese characters to work without having any weird space problems. FC: 0474 8239 3119 Also I'm the guy from this thread: (http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=6185). I was wondering if the Secret ID and the Trainer ID from all the OT: Dawn Pokemon in there are different? What I mean is the Trainer ID are the same for all of them, and the Secret ID
  10. Hi Ray, looks like I just missed you but I'll be waiting around for the pickup. I'm on Pacific Standard Time (GST-08:00) so if you want to schedule a time that's fine with me as it's final exams week and I don't have any class. I have an exam today at 08:00 AM and an appointment at 02:00 PM but other than those two times I should be able to pick up the Pokemon from you. Thanks again!
  11. I had a whole long introduction typed up, but I don't want to bore you. Long story short, if any kind soul could help me out by making this team I'd really appreciate it. I always worried about legit vs. hacked etc. etc. and trash bytes, hex codes, checksums...I spent more time worrying than enjoying the game. So could any experienced Pokesav user help me make this team so that it is legal and passes most common hack checks? I will NEVER trade these Pokemon and I will never go to a Nintendo tournament, so hack checks aren't really a problem, but it's still nice to know the team you're using
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