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Found 3 results

  1. First, let me apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum. (I'm kinda new here) I'm gonna take a guess that this site used to be known as Pokesav.org? (Since I typed www.pokesav.org and was directed to this site). I remember browsing through the forums back then and came across a thread that posted information and a link to download this application called the Wonder Card Injector, which allows you to create your own mystery gift to distribute (with the help of a flash cart). I remember that I had the hardest time finding the actual ROMs for the Shaymin and Regigigas Pokemon Event from TRU. I did however, have the Shaymin and Regigigas Wonder Card files. When I used the Wonder Card Injector to put those files into a distribution ROM (the Deoxys distribution ROM), it worked like a charm and it was just as if I could recreate those Pokemon Events. I thought it would be fun to try and make my own "Pokemon Event" and create my own Mystery Gift to distribute. The pokemon in question was Arceus, the only pokemon that hadn't been officially distributed (at the time I attempted this). I used Pokesav to create Arceus and tried to make it as "legitimate" as possible. Then I went to the Mystery Gift Edit to create a Wonder Card file to insert into the Wonder Card Injector. Everything worked just as though it was received through an authentic Pokemon Event. The Wonder Card received in my friend's game had all the information I typed for it, but when I went to receive the pokemon from the green man at the pokemart, there was one thing wrong about it. Rather than saying it was a "Pokemon Event" (under the tab that tells you the pokemon's nature) it said it was from "A Faraway Place" or "A Distant Land" (I'm not entirely sure which of the two it was, it's been a few months since I tried this). I thought I accidently selected the wrong location, so I tried again. I was certain I was selecting the right location "Pokemon Event", but after a dozen times of creating and sending over the pokemon to my friend's game (He also has a flash cart so I was able to erase the file from his game so he could receive the gift again) I still received the same outcome, the location being "A Faraway Place/A Distant Land". So here is where my question comes in, as I had the hardest time trying to figure out the reason for this. What the heck am I doing wrong? lol. Does this have something to do with the hex code? (I'm not familiar with that if so) When I look at the Arceus file in Pokesav, I see the "Pokemon Event" selected, but once it goes into the distribution ROM and gets sent out, it changes to "A Faraway Place/A Distant Land". I would appreciate any help on how to correct this problem that keeps occuring. I even tried editing the Shaymin Wonder Card file and replaced it with Arceus' information instead, but I believe the result was the same, the location from where the pokemon came from says "A Faraway Place/A Distant Land" rather than "Pokemon Event". I know this was a rather long post lol, but I feel it's necessary info to whoever can help me :grog:
  2. I had a whole long introduction typed up, but I don't want to bore you. Long story short, if any kind soul could help me out by making this team I'd really appreciate it. I always worried about legit vs. hacked etc. etc. and trash bytes, hex codes, checksums...I spent more time worrying than enjoying the game. So could any experienced Pokesav user help me make this team so that it is legal and passes most common hack checks? I will NEVER trade these Pokemon and I will never go to a Nintendo tournament, so hack checks aren't really a problem, but it's still nice to know the team you're using could pass a few hack checks, you know? Cheers to anyone up to the task and thanks for your time! :: Please make the Trainer ID and Secret ID the same for all of them except Suicune :: I am assuming "battle stats" are the Pokemons stats after adding nature, IVs, and EVs? :: If the Suicune is too hard to make legal due to location met issues just skip it :: I don't have AR or a flash cart, so please trade me over WiFi if you can :: FC: 0474 8239 3119
  3. Hey! Let me start off by letting you view three pokemon of mine that I am proud of: Slaking with Choice Band -Giga Impact Honchkrow with Scope Lens and Super Luck ability -Night Slash -Sucker Punch -Aerial Ace -Dark Pulse Blissey with Leftovers and Serene Grace -Seismic Toss -Minimize -Thunder Wave -Softboiled Slaking is a VERY powerful normal pokemon and with the VERY powerful Giga Impact it makes it even more insane! And then the choice band amplifies that power by 150%, so this attack is insanely powerful, if this pokemon's speed stat is high, its a greater starter to hit them hard and quick! Honchkrow is focused on critical hits, which are really common with its Super Luck ability, Scope Lens, and Night Slash attack. Easily a lucky powerhouse. Blissey only needs to focus on speed and, its greatest asset, HP. Blissey is basically impenetrable from a single attack or a few because of its enormous HP stat! Who needs defense stats when HP covers it? And even then, minimize and thunder wave on the opponent makes the "defense" even less penetrable. Softboiled for any patchwork jobs, and seismic toss, which gives a constant attack power so there's no need at all for attack stats! Great defense pokemon to be the backbone of the team, the last one. Please comment on these!
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