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  1. M@T, can't you use any Hex Values like the 46h and 47h values for Sudowoodo and Snorlax?

    You want to change the location where the Pokémon was met ?

    It is possible, I can make a code to modify those values if that's what you mean.

    @BananaMan14 : Thanks. ;D


    Here it is:

    Rebattle Sudowoodo (Start+Select):

    94000130 FFF30000

    B2111880 00000000

    DA000000 0000110C

    D3000000 00000000

    D7000000 02000010

    A2000010 FFFB0000

    D4000000 0000FFFC

    B211187E 00000000

    D7000000 0000110C

    D2000000 00000000

    Press Start+Select, then go to Route 36. Sudowoodo will be back.

  2. Many thanks to you, M@T. Those are great.

    I've searched everywhere online for a rebattle sudowoodo code. Any chance one could be made? I have no idea how long these codes take to create; I'm no programmer. Thanks.

    To make it I need a save in which Sudowoodo is not battled yet.

    If that's not possible, I can try to do a new game, then add the SquirtBottle in my bag and teleport to Violet City, but I'm not sure I would be able to battle Sudowoodo.

  3. Hah hah, I know the basics of the code lol.

    Here it is!

    This would be the basics, but it will not be permanetly!

    94000130 FFFB0000

    B2111880 00000000

    10025D90 00000000

    D2000000 00000000

    This will be permanetly!

    10025D90 00000000

    Sorry about all that, I am really busy today, I have a lot of college work to do and I can't really think straight.

    The second one is still wrong...

    You CAN'T read/write under 0x02000000 with the Action Replay.

    no dice. it still doesnt work. i am going to try a different one line code from the code. 2000008F 00000000 because that code above (that has 62111880 00000000...) just makes you a guy. the code im talking about was in a spoiler down at the bottom.

    Okay, sorry.

    Don't forget the important parts of the code:

    (Press select)

    94000130 FFFB0000

    B2111880 00000000

    2000008F 00000000

    D2000000 00000000

  4. Rebattle Red Gyarados (Start+Select) :

    94000130 FFF30000

    B2111880 00000000

    DA000000 00001110

    D3000000 00000000

    D7000000 02000010

    A2000010 FFF70000

    D4000000 0000FFF8

    B211187E 00000000

    D7000000 00001110

    D2000000 00000000

    Rebattle Snorlax (Start+Select):

    94000130 FFF30000

    B2111880 00000000

    DA000000 00001120

    D3000000 00000000

    D7000000 02000010

    A2000010 FFFD0000

    D4000000 0000FFFE

    B211187E 00000000

    D7000000 00001120

    D2000000 00000000

    Inf. 1st Gen. starters from Prof. Oak (L+R):

    94000130 FCFF0000

    B2111880 00000000

    20001056 00000002

    D2000000 00000000

    Starters' Poké Balls are not visible, but if you press A in front of the table where they should be placed, you'll be able to get a starter again.

    Infinite 2nd Gen starters at Prof. Elm's lab (Start+Select):

    94000130 FFF30000

    B2111880 00000000

    DA000000 000010E0

    D3000000 00000000

    D7000000 02000010

    A2000010 FBFF0000

    D4000000 0000FC00

    B211187E 00000000

    D7000000 000010E0

    D2000000 00000000

    Go to Prof. Elm's lab, press Start+Select to activate, and press A in front of the machine where are the starters.

    Be careful with this code, I made a list of recommendations :

    - The "Pokémon" icon in the menu will disappear when the screen refreshes, but it will be back as soon as you take the starter.

    - For that reason, don't activate it too far away from New Bark Town, because you'll probably be unable to use Fly.

    - You must have a free slot in your team in order to receive the starter.

    - The name of the Pokémon you receive is the name of the 1st Pokémon in your team, because originally, the starter is the only Pokémon in your team when you receive it at the beginning of a new game.

    - Do not rename the starter, because it will rename the 1st Pokémon of your team, for the same reason.

    Infinite 3rd gen starters from Steven Stone at Sylphe Co. (Start+Select):

    94000130 FFF30000

    B2111880 00000000

    20001054 00000003

    DA000000 00001102

    D3000000 00000000

    D7000000 02000010

    A2000010 FF7F0000

    D4000000 0000FF80

    B211187E 00000000

    D7000000 00001102

    D2000000 00000000

    Just press Start+Select before entering the building, Steven will be back and give you one more starter.

  5. Ah, OK, I see what you mean, but... Do you really know how nature is set according to the PID ?

    You can't simply change it by modifying a byte in the PID (which is 4 bytes long).

    The nature is defined by the value PID % 25, which is relative to the whole PID.

    Now, as the PID is used for several other data of the Pokémon, like its gender, shininess and such, you can't change it directly without affecting those data.

    Moreover, the resulting PID would not be legit anymore.

  6. When you update the program, you need to update the drivers too.

    They are included in the ZIP archive you downloaded normally.

    Just uninstall the drivers for NDS Link while the AR is unplugged, then reconnect it, and when it asks you for where to get the drivers from, say you don't have the CD-ROM and browse to the directory where you unzipped the files (where are the files ActionReplayDS.inf and ActionReplayDS.sys).

  7. How did you get the Flute ?

    Did you add it directly into you bag with an item code, or did you use the code that makes a green man give it in a PokéMart ?

    Because the event needs to be activated, the item alone does nothing.

    In case you'd need it, here is the code that activates the event:

    Press Start+Select to recieve the Azure Flute from a green man in any PokéMart:

    94000130 FFF30000

    B2101D40 00000000

    0000B5D4 0000000A

    0000B5D8 00000000

    D2000000 00000000

  8. To reset the EVs, see my explanation here.

    Simply set all the values to 0.

    A nature modifier without changing the shininess would be somewhat difficult to make, at least for me, maybe others can do it.

    Finally, an 'EV-modifier generator' code with items must be possible to make, I'll try that now.

    EDIT: I finished it.

    Custom EV modifier:

    94000130 FCFF0000

    B2111880 00000000

    E0000B74 00000018

    0100002D 0100002E

    0100002F 01000031

    01000034 01000030

    D2000000 00000000

    94000130 FFFB0000

    1206F04A 00004800

    0206F04C 023C0B91

    1206F050 00004700

    E23C0B90 00000018

    61384803 82B84801

    BDF8B014 00000000

    00000000 46C046C0

    B2111880 00000000

    DA000000 00000B76

    D3000000 00000000

    D8000000 023C0BA0

    B211187F 00000000

    DA000000 00000B7A

    D3000000 00000000

    D8000000 023C0BA1

    B211187F 00000000

    DA000000 00000B7E

    D3000000 00000000

    D8000000 023C0BA2

    B211187F 00000000

    DA000000 00000B82

    D3000000 00000000

    D8000000 023C0B9C

    B211187F 00000000

    DA000000 00000B86

    D3000000 00000000

    D8000000 023C0B9D

    B211187F 00000000

    DA000000 00000B8A

    D3000000 00000000

    D8000000 023C0BA3

    D2000000 00000000

    Press L+R to get 256 of each Vitamin in the Medicine bag.

    Trash as many of each Vitamin as needed to have the number of item left equal to the EV you want in the stat corresponding to the Vitamin (e.g. HP UP for HP, Protein for Attack, etc.).

    For 0 EV in the stat, simply leave 256 items (don't trash anything).

    Once you have the good number of Vitamins, press Select once to activate the EV-marking code, go to your PC and mark the Pokémon.

  9. [VGC10] Eevee (Video Game Championships 2010):

    Recieve the 2010 Championships Eevee from the green man in any PokéMart (L+R):

    94000130 FCFF0000

    B2111880 00000000

    E0009E4C 00000104

    00010001 00000001

    5FEF8D69 6A290000

    686BA5B9 C001E56F

    0D82FB48 92C8C4E9

    F9DC157B 0CECF845

    CFAB7FD8 573E4CA1

    9DB4775F F3A7DDC2

    ABFE41B2 EF74469A

    4E8BF15B F72E5A84

    F177C064 7C0879AF

    65214163 B89BED39

    299CDDED C5C48FED

    A02E1196 6A916DFD

    8CEDBA8D FD01CA80

    99B0EC82 DD88B214

    224B6410 BD48D07E

    90EC3C73 5FFDB685

    8A2AB0C1 CC1079A3

    6C42DE4B 56459EDC

    AD2B1C56 6CAC143E

    BA8E2402 460E3265

    120547FC 282223CF

    3EA867CB 7048BC25

    09B55A01 9262B3E4

    7CFBBD58 06C21BC6

    71A5BB7F 97CA1B75

    9B399FFD C433D0C7

    649B7FC7 71131944

    BB91415D F5035FCC

    E9A371C4 A75A2D90

    BB3CBCF7 00000000

    00004000 00000000

    00000000 00000000

    D2000000 00000000

    Lock Capsule:

    Recieve the Lock Capsule item from the green man in any PokéMart (L+R):

    94000130 FCFF0000

    B2111880 00000000

    20009E4C 00000003

    10009E50 00000215

    D2000000 00000000

    Use only one code at a time.

    I'm sorry, but I couldn't find the Shiny Beasts, maybe because they are nor released yet (I saw that the event would take place from June 18th to August 31st).

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