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  1. johnsom: My GTS is supposed to do that. Everyone who hosts an unofficial GTS has that same problem. We have always had that problem. The reason everyone has that problem, is because the GTS's communications protocol has not been fully researched yet.

    Actually no, read my post above yours. ;)

    It's been a while since the solution to fix the problem has been found.

    I made a post about it, but I can't find it.

  2. How come when I try to send all the pkms in a folder, I get an error message after receiving just one pkm? (sorry, this is my firs ttime using this program, i just got rid of sendpkm lol), this only happened to my retail HG but didn't happen on my SS on my flashcart O.o

    This is because you never connected to the real GTS before using SendPKM ; connect to Nintendo's official GTS once and it should work better afterwards.

  3. It throws me 404 File not found error from my ip and Error 500 Internal Server Error from proxy...

    Well, that means your GTS server is apparently not reacheable from outside your network.

    If you did forward your ports properly, then you can ask someone else to try your DNS server (which has to redirect to your public IP) with both GTS and DNS servers running.

    hmm... i was under the impression that most routers these days could handle reverse NAT. guess not. good to know, though.

    That's an annoying problem; that's why I implemented an automatic public/private IP switching in my DNS server, so that when one connects from one's own network, it still works even if NAT loopback is not enabled.

  4. I didn't look at all the screenshots, but to see if this is really a NAT loopback problem, try accessing http://[your.public.IP]/pokemondpds/worldexchange/result.asp?pid=0 from your web browser while SendPKM is running on your computer, and see if something happens.

    If you want to know what GTS distribution looks like from outside your network, you can use something like a webproxy, e.g. http://www.myphproxy.com/, and go to http://[your.public.IP]/pokemondpds/worldexchange/result.asp?pid=0.

    For the DNS though, you'll have to ask someone else to test it for you.

    If everything is properly forwarded, there should be no problem.

  5. Hi,

    Are you trying to access your public IP from your own network?

    If so, then it is normal that it doesn't work; you must use your local IP if you are inside your own network, and your public one if you are outside.

    If you are from a remote network, then try accessing http://[your.public.IP]/pokemondpds/worldexchange/result.asp?pid=0 from your browser while SendPKM is running and see if it gives a random 32-character string.

  6. As I said several times, the famous BSOD happens when the game has never connected to the real GTS before using SendPKM (HyperGTS, IR-GTS, etc. are all made from SendPKM).

    Connect to the real GTS once and it should be fine.

    EDIT : Uh, I didn't understand athiri's post properly ; so HyperGTS does not make BSODs whereas IR-GTS does ?

    The difference must be located in the return values then.

  7. Anyone know if there's a "rename traded pokemon" code for HGSS, like there is for Platinum?

    This is one of the first codes I posted here. :D

    It is on this post.

    Rename Traded Pokemon:

    0204D240 00002000

    Anyone got HG code for IV Checking for the USA and EU game?

    This code is everywhere...

    Hold L to View EV, Hold R to View IV

    520899C4 F99CF7E6

    120899CC 000021A3

    120899D8 000021A4

    120899E4 000021A5

    120899F0 000021A6

    120899FC 000021A8

    12089A08 000021A9

    12089A14 000021A7

    D2000000 00000000

    94000130 FDFF0000

    120899CC 0000210D

    120899D8 0000210D

    120899E4 0000210E

    120899F0 0000210F

    120899FC 00002111

    12089A08 00002112

    12089A14 00002110

    D2000000 00000000

    94000130 FEFF0000

    120899CC 00002146

    120899D8 00002146

    120899E4 00002147

    120899F0 00002148

    120899FC 0000214A

    12089A08 0000214B

    12089A14 00002149

    D2000000 00000000

  8. I believe this code have several side effects to the game. First it closed off the Ampharos exit on the of the Olivine Lighthouse (which is no big deal). However, Lance had disappeared on me after I defeated Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage so I can't initiate the Rocket Hideout mission in Mahogany. Could you or anyone help in in solving this problem? This is the only code I've used so far so I'm 99% sure that it's the problem.

    Actually it only changes the bit used by Sudowoodo, nothing more.

    Did you use another rebattle code ?

    If not, then maybe that bit is used by some other events in the game, but it would be really, really strange.

  9. Finally, we have a cloning method for HG/SS! M@T, does it matter if you level it up? Can you just let it gain at least 1 experience point?

    - The cloning methods were know for a long time,

    - and it MUST level up, so that the game does not recognize it.

    No because when you clone the Pokémon and you have it in Bill's PC, the one in the Pokéwalker will be released into the wild. Thats why you must trade the clone over to another Pokémon Game.

    That's the purpose of the level up.

    I tested the method I posted, it works.

    EDIT: Okay, you edited your post, I see what you meant.

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