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  1. I am completely sure that I've clicked ok and saved correctly. There's six .pkm files that I want from Pearl to Platinum. But when I trade them over they're not appearing in the storage box. I guess my .sav is just corrupted, I'll restore the backup.
  2. Bump, no one got a clue? Also, the .pkm files are 136 bytes. ok, this forum seems pretty dead.
  3. Use the Legality Checker to see if it's legit. That one's hacked.
  4. Hello. I've edited some pokemon in pokesav for Diamond and Pearl and saved them as .pkm files. When I try to load them in the storage of a .sav file in pokesav for Platinum it works fine. Then I use the backup loader to restore the save on my Platinum with the .sav file containing the pokemon, but they do not turn up in the storage boxes in-game, just empty space where they're supposed to be. What do I do? I do not have a pair of DS:es so I cannot just trade them over.
  5. Thank you. That FTP method looks alright to me. Will try it out.
  6. Hello all. I just got a R4 Revolution for the DS. I got this Pearl cartridge that I want to edit, but backing it up somehow just in case, but I can't see how it's done really.
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