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  1. Yeah you can't just reroll, it follows a process. Also the TID/SID provided doesn't seem to produce any Shiny with Max IVs, so it's only one thing or the other.
  2. We can't offer much help if you don't provide your save file to see what's wrong with it.
  3. Could get a Kleavor, H-Typhlosion, Ursaluna and Wyrdeer from Orre/Distant Land.
  4. What version are you using? I've always used 0.9.11
  5. No puedes solo cambiarle el archivo de dsv a sav. Desmume trae una opción que dice "export backup memory" y ahí te deja guardar tu archivo como sav.
  6. I've been using desmume with Pkhex for over a year and have never had this issue, nor do I have any .dst files (closest being .ds1 to 9 from save states). Did you change any settings or anything in desmume?
  7. I tried to give the Espeon about 10 nearby PIDs and none of them were marked as legal.
  8. Well, I'm glad at least that you've found some more mons of your file. Though with them having the same TID/SID it's back to square one. Giving Espeon other nearby PIDs does make it a bit more legal but it still gets marked due to not matching an RNG frame, but at the very least this should mean that one PID is ought to mark it as completely legal, if I'm not mistaken of course.
  9. Not exactly what you're asking here but out of curiosity, is there any chance that your SID was edited for some reason? I ran a test changing the SID from 49207 to 49206 and that did result in both Starters being legal (though of course, with different PIDs). Recreation1.1.gci
  10. 1. Is your controller properly set up in Dolphin's settings? 2. Where did you get the save file from?
  11. Since you're in Omega Ruby, he'll only learn a new move at lvl 10, which is Sand Attack
  12. There's your issue then, Torchic learns Flame Charge at lvl 9 only in Gen 8, Omega Ruby is Gen 6.
  13. You need at least one Pokémon on each box, then the next time you use the PC you'll have more boxes.
  14. It's a bit weird yeah but it should be okay.
  15. A while ago a some of my gen 3 mons also got this error. Pretty sure you just have to change the ability, even if it's the same ability, there should be one with a (0) next to it.
  16. After using multiple tools for a couple of hours, this is the best I could do. However I found out something very curious, given your TID/SID combo, the Espeon that is received (at least from my results) is just illegal because it results in a Female Espeon, while both Colo starters are gender locked to always be Male. I tried to give Espeon other nearby Male PIDs but they still resulted in an illegal mark. So yeah, there's your desired TID/SID and OT, your Umbreon is Legal but Espeon is not unfortunately. Maybe someone else can take it from here and figure out what's wrong with Espeon's PID. Recreation.gci
  17. The shiny file also showed up with the illegal mark for me from the get go. All I did was check the "Auto" box under Height/Weight and that made it legal, so try this one 173 ★ - Treble - BB4B53D90873.pa8
  18. Should be this, the particular PID seems to require the TID and SID to be the same so it will be considered fishy, just as a heads up I guess. 327 ★ - SPINDA - 1DF588888888.pk3
  19. Yeah unfortunately that's not really within my possibilities, that's why I've been looking for months for anything that'd let me completely edit Ranch as I'd wish. Thank you for your time regardless
  20. Oh, yeah from the DS side I got enough progress in my save files. The big roadblock here is that as far as I'm aware, the only way to progress in Ranch is to directly deposit pokémon from D/P in order to expand the Ranch size quickly... But DS to Wii connection isn't a thing in emulators (Dolphin just crashes if you try to link Ranch to D/P).
  21. This is great to know then, thank you. Though what would be "enough progress"? Aside from modifying the date of my pc to get the daily new Pokémon, I don't know what else I can do with Dolphin's lack of DS support.
  22. Is there some kind of hidden function for Ranch then? Because it doesn't let me add any new mons, just limited to the 6 there.
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