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  1. In Home mobile, it has a Poké ball just like it's supposed to. It says it was "first moved in" to Home at today's date. Does that mean the Home tracker was unchanged?
  2. I did it and it looks like it worked! But how do I check that the HOME Tracker on the pokémon is unchanged after I received it from the sysbot? Is there a tell tale sign to look out for?
  3. Alright! How do I know that the sysbot doesn't change the Home tracker? Is there a sysbot that you can recommend?
  4. Oh that sounds like it could be something. I can't do any save editing, but I could do the sysbot thing. What info do I enter to the sysbot?
  5. Hey! Looking for someone that has a Vivillon with Poké ball pattern from the event years ago (or from the wondercards on this website) that has a duplicate of the Poké ball Vivllion to trade me in Scarlet & Violet. Looking for it for a friend who missed the event. I have lots of Dittos that I caught from raids with unique IVs, natures and shininess to trade. Hopefully someone can help me out to get this Vivillion.
  6. Oh I see. Yeah, none of the already caught Pokémon were shiny. So if I got this right, all the same PIDs for non-shiny Pokémon are all available naturally in the game regardless of what your TID/SID is? *Just* not on shiny Pokémon, cause that's when only a set range of PIDs are available.
  7. Oh cool! Good to know. So do I need to find a new PID for the already caught Pokémon that I now put the new TID/SID on? Cause I assume the old PID was chosen for them to correlate to my old TID, and now a new PID need to match the new TID, right?
  8. Does anyone know this? About to catch Lugia with my new (edited) trainer ID, and want to make sure the PID and all that will generate correctly according to my new TID, so I can transfer it up.
  9. That's a great tip too! If it's one of my old fave Pokémon from gen 1-4 that I'm transferring up all the way with ribbons and things, I think I'll give it some tries to at least get an XXS (in SV measurements). That's still close enough to SV size XXXS, so visually they'll be pretty much the same. So that will be cool for the old classics in a new game. Other than that, I think chasing for a Mini and Jumbo in Scarlet & Violet or Go is, you know, the way to... GO!
  10. Yeah, I think we totally know the odds well enough to know what we can expect. Your research was plenty. And alright, I only have devices to dump saves from gen 1-4 games, and my switch is not CFW so I'll just try my luck the regular way then to transfer and check the sizes. I probably won't give it too many tries if it gets boring tho. We'll see
  11. Oh, true! You could've just been 'lucky' getting two pokémon with HT 0 below odds, and then I guess unlucky with 18 000 transfers to finally get the HT 255. I checked your linked threads, interesting findings for sure. Thanks for the helpful research! I'll be transferring Pokémon through Bank to Home and then to SV. How do you transfer and check the pokémon as fast as possible?
  12. Whoah congrats on getting size 0 and size 255! Now we know! Getting a few after "just" 3700 tries certainly gives hope. Much better than 1/16512 odds as in SV at least. Any technique to transfer and check them as fast as possible?
  13. Oh I see, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the info! I guess the only thing we can still find out now, is if it's even possible at all, to actually randomly get HT/WT 0 from Home, and then ofc sending the Pokémon to SV and get size 0 the regular way (as intended by Home). I guess it's probably either 1/16512 odds, or locked to not be able to get size 0 at all. I'm assuming it's the same odds as SV though, so I guess it's just a matter of time until the first person shows up to state that they randomly got size 0 through Home. It can be a new thing, just like shiny hunting legendaries, but instead finally seeing the Mini mark after 16 000 transfers
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