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  1. i like the idea you have have, but 1 thing. Alolan Vulpix has replaced normal Vulpix as a starter/partner? why? i used the normal Vulpix in the game itself, nad she is the only partner i want. can you add it back? this way, players can use the Alolan Vulpix if they like, or still with the normal Vulpix. and what about the Kangaskhan Storage? can that be changed to work like Red and Blue Rescue Team, with no limit of the number of things you can put in it?
  2. i've been looking for a modded Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon rom that has Shinx and Vulpix as starters, but been having no luck. (both me and partner are to be nicknamed, but i don't mind having to play the whole game from the start). can anyone help me find a working rom that fits what i'm after? i use the citra to play the non modded rom of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.
  3. is there still any way to get the hacked rom? i really want to play as a Shinx with a Vulpix partner. "-removed, as it contains files from the rom-" as far as i know, all rom hack have files from there roms they are from. why did this rom have to be remove for that? lots of other rom hacks are still up with there old rom's files,, so i see no need for the "Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon - Expanded" rom hack to not be posted.
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