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  1. I DID IT!! I wasn't using a complete version. OperationiDroid only had the classic version apparently. I had to download a Platinum Rom and patch it with Drayano's patch and then change the name of the newly patched ROM to match my save. It was a little tedious but my Pokemon are strong now. Thanks for the help, wouldn't have checked this if you hadn't said this!
  2. I have. It's really strange that that didn't fix it too because it fixed the same problem earlier.
  3. Thanks for the reply! So when I leveled up my Pokemon, the stats didn't change. Could this mean I don't have the complete version of the hack? Edit: HaX didn't allow me to change the base stats, only the true stats.
  4. I recently started a playthrough of P:RP on DraStic (Android Emulator) and I decided to use the gift Eevee as a starter because the improved base stats and learnset of Flareon made it much more appealing to me. I also decided to use a Wormadam-T for similar reasons. Because I am lazy and didn't want to grind for perfect natures and IVs, I decided to use PKHeX to alter these values. This is where I encountered problems, for when I loaded my now-edited save, the base stats that were so appealing to me appear to have been reverted, I have a slow Flareon and a weak Wormadam. I'm pretty sure I
  5. I'd use PKHeX, you can find the download (I think) from this site. Open your savefile using PKHeX and under the "Other" tab, there is an option to give yourself whatever items you want. Edit: Be careful about using HeX though; when I used it to change the nature of my starter, it reset the stats on my Wormadam to that of the base game.
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