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  1. 1) Events before Gen6, Region Locked, can't have a different language (best example is the classic Shiny Genesect with English name, it should be only Korean or Japanese). Forcing them an English rename should automatically flag them as illegal 2) While having the Mystery Gift Database window opened, I kinda emulate the drag and drop of the Wonder Card (which can be really exhausting if you are looking for a specific gender, nature, ability and so on) so I hold CTRL and click the Pokémon, until I found what I was looking for. The "bug" is present since the last fix since its related to the "HT Memory: Invalid Feeling" error, so basically, when you spam-generate a new Event with CTRL Key, sometimes it spawns illegal with this alert, so you have to manually go to its memory and change the type of feeling. This last one obviously is not a heavy bug, and it takes 5 seconds to set it, but if you can improve it and make sure each new spawn doesn't have wrong feelings that would be cool. It's been long time I don't use the old drag'n'drop method with Wonder Cards but I feel it would happen the same thing. That's it, I wanted to report you these two things that maybe can be improve the quality of the software. I'm sure I'm missing few others (very little) but I can't remember them right now. Take your time and your priorities of course, I just left my feedback and hopefully a little nice contribution, since I appreciate what you do and the constant work you keep doing on it. Cheers!
  2. Wi the the last PKHeX upate, some Vivillon have been marked as illegal I asked this on the wrong thread so they told me to write in this section. Basically this (the attached image). Only 3 of 20 forms had to be changed I really don't understand how this works. Any help/explanation? Thank you EDIT: Typos
  3. @Kaphotics Ok I apologize, I thought it was correct rather than opening a separate topic/thread...basically we use this Thread to report bugs that are 100% confirmed, did I get this right? And if we are in doubt about new features or stuff (Like in my case with Vivillon), we open a new topic, correct me if I'm wrong. I will try to be more careful next time, for sure. So, should I re-write the thing in a new topic for a better in-depth explanation? Thanks and sorry for the mistake!
  4. Hello! With the last update (20211001) I saw some fixes mainly on Generation 6 regarding "HT Feeling", no big deal, I think that may be correct, However, I saw that some Vivillon Patterns became illegal, and since I wasn't sure exactly how the form work, I googled a bit, and according to my understanding, no matter the form of the scatterbug, even if you hatch it from whatever form, it will take automatically the form of your 3DS region? Correct me if I'm wrong. Basically, I had to modify Elegant -> JPN Modern -> USA Savanna -> USA (even without Brazil it works, any region is ok) while the others are perfectly fine, at least using Poland and Europe (my Savegame) They are all hatched by eggs, so to me it doesn't make sense that I had to change the location of 3 patterns while the others 17 are okay, despite the complete wrong location. I don't know if you are aware of this, or if I didn't understand the mechanism, or if it's a work in progress... but I attach a screenshot anyway. I remember i tried with other Countries of Europe and they were still legal even if the form was obtainable only in USA. But yeah those three I had to force the 3DS region change. I don't think the language-bug is only for Poland, it may be messed up for other regions too so, in case it is wrong, I think the entire Vivillon thing must be re-written. Screenshot below, I know that many times some reports are invalid due to user's fault/not knowledge but this time I think there is something kinda wrong and I googled a lot. If not a bug, I aplogize in advance (and maybe explain in details how this should work since Internet can be really misleading sometimes) (Also, another reminder that I'm 100% sure you are aware of, and I mentioned some posts ago: Region Exclusive Events and stuff before Generation 6, can't have different Language Tag. Example: Korean Event in Generation 4, named in English. Must be Korean, otherwise Illegal). But yeah this is not top priority I think the Vivillon thing is more important). Thank you!
  5. Okay got it, meanwhile I did a test starting a new game, with the exact same Ruby cartridge and picking Mudkip again, just to see if there was some correlation. After making a backup and opening it on PKHeX...well the Mudkip was 100% legal and of course 100% legit. It also says Method-1 and has origin seed. Swampert had none of them. I think I should forget this Swampert thing, maybe as you said the game glitched somehow, also you said that in 10+ years no one noticed/reported a similar thing so I automatically assume it's a problem on my side (still I don't know how, but well it's not important, it would have been if with the new savegame I was getting another illegal Mudkip). I could also start over and over again until I find an illegal starter, but its literally too much time consuming and most probably I will never get an illegal one. So yeah peace! Also thank you for the details about the nickname thing.
  6. I just read the edit about the eBay stuff and yes I just wanted to see if my knowledge was right, since before Gen6-7 the cartridges had only 1 language for each Country, so an event coming from JPN-KOR couldn't had an English nickname, so I asked for a little confirmation. I understand also the "internet environment" let's say, people lying or simply not knowing what they are doing or maybe reposting a thing asked and replied 100 times. Honestly I was reorganizing my GameBoy and I found this NDSL with the R4 inside with the backup of the Ruby savegame (which I don't remember if the cartridge has a battery inside or not, but anyway I was doing backups), so out of curiosity I went checking how was the situation and well it was as I expected, everything legal and ok....aside from that cursed Swampert lol. I'm not "angry" or anything because it was my original starter and stuff like that, the total playtime is like 15 hours so you can see im not a very big fan of Gen3. I just found odd that in all the pokemon I had in the box (including rayquaza and other legendary which are more likely to be cheated or powered up), only the starter one was flagged as illegal. I try to check with those programs and see if I can find some correlation !
  7. Yes I understand you and for me it's hard to -prove- something with such programs that I barely know how to use them, of course there are tutorial, but I need time to understand that stuff. I never lended the game to anyone, I literally played it randomly years and years ago, there is like a cheat gap between games: Gen2 = GameShark for GameBoy, Gen3 = literally no idea, Gen4 = Since I played it on a R4 I already had the .sav game so I was just using PokeSaver or something named like that (it was different for each generation) and I indeed used some cheat to get Mew and Celebi, then many many years later I discovered PKHeX and yeah that's it. How exactly the PID method is generated, I don't know the algorythm, but you can see its not even shiny, level 73? with some exp, pretty bad IV and awful EVs, Didn't check but pretty sure the moves are not even PP-upped. Also it was my starter so I don't see the reason to modify it, I even have Rayquaza in the box, Groudon and the Regi Trio, all with the same -legit charateristics- let's say. Meanwhile, I attach them here. If I drag n drop them into a Gen3 savegame they are perfectly legal, and legit I would say, but that Swampert really I don't know what happened. 377 - REGIROCK - 4D53C968E0AA.pk3 378 - REGICE - 43077B1FAA36.pk3 379 - REGISTEEL - 280577C52816.pk3 383 - GROUDON - 7F4F04B928CB.pk3 384 - RAYQUAZA - 95B10377B150.pk3
  8. Ok thanks for the replies, but two things: "We're skeptical of your memory, because multiple different tools are telling us the data did not originate how you're saying it originated." I swear its 100% legit, I got the same exact TID/SID and stuff for Groudon, Rayquaza and the Regi Trio (and obviously all the other -normal- pokemon caught in the grass), all random nature, horrible iv and even more horrible EVs, not even full level and definitely with some exp (usually when you generate like level 70 it automatically puts the right amount to hit 70, no extra exp). May I ask you what are the tools, if you don't mind, ike, are they public? What is exactly "wrong" and not according to what I said? Also why should I lie, Im trying to report a (possible) bug, as already said every pokemon in the box including the legendary are 100% legal even when loaded in gen3 savegame, but the starter one (Swampert) is illegal somehow. But more important: If you use cheat codes, don't assume they have no side effect. The game generates data according to patterns, because that's how the game code works. If your data does not follow a pattern, then obviously you did something outside the bounds of normal gameplay (cheats). Kinda forget for a moment everything I wrote before. It was, I don't know, 10 years ago? that I played that Ruby Cartridge. The only experience I had with cheat devices was a gameshark with a Game Boy Color, but still as of today, I don't know how to put a cheat in a Gen3 original cartridge. (The only way I know NOW is making a savegame with PKHeX and then use a NDSL and restore the savegame with GBAbackuptools). But I discovered PKHeX 2-3 Years ago so it's literally impossible that cheats were involved, thats what I'm saying And yes I'm aware that eBay and stuff are cloned over and over again, but that doesn't mean they're always illegal, it just looked weird to me seeing some pre-Gen6-7 region locked outside of USA/EN with an English name. They were not 6IV perfect nature and so on, not even level 100, but yeah, with an English nickname, when it's clear that it is a JPN/KOR exclusive. Thanks Kaphotics and theSLAYER for the support!
  9. Ok but Swampert is 100% Legit, just like Rayquaza, and the Regi Trio, and Groudon. I still don't understand... like according to PID to IV there are no correlation, thus it is illegal. But 1) If it's illegal, it should be illegal even on the past releases of PkHeX (didn't really got the hatch thing, but that swampert was obviously not hatched) 2) So I played a perfect legit game (not a china clone) and now 2x programs Not-Nintendo tells me it's illegal? I mean, what should I trust at this point, the real cartridge or programs? There is a risk that I don't understand anymore whats legal and what's not. I kinda know you explained it everything and basically said "it works as intended", but Im not very expert in this field so sorry if I didn't understand it well, but it's really confusing. I mean if the PID that I got was that, does it mean that the game is bugged and generates wrong data about nature, iv and so on? Also on a side note: Don't know if this has been reported yet, but some events before Gen6, released in KOR or JPN, cannot have english name, but if you rename them in English with PKHeX they are still legal. Isn't the multilanguage a Gen6-Gen7 thing? For example I saw on ebay some auctions for real events (that are cloned 100% of course) but they don't have nor pentagon nor cross, and looking up on events on serebi its events from JPN Black/White, so is there a possibility that exclusive region Events (not english) can have an English name? Sorry for the long post!
  10. Hey, I found a Ruby savegame 100% legit on my R4 from my NDSL (I used GBAsavetool, or something like that to get the .sav from the real cartridge and make a backup) Well, everything was legal, but only 1 Pokémon was flagged illegal because "Invalid Encounter Type PID mismatch". It was my starter Pokemon and I never touched the cartridge with external tools, the level is 73 with already some exp, the iv random and the EV even more random. Kinda the same with Rayquaza, Regirock, Registeel and stuff. Same TID/SID. They all also have the "Champion Gen 3" Ribbon, because I beat the League with those. Straight to the point: If I load the .pk3 to a very old PKHeX (2017 like), it says Legal If I load the .pk3 in the last release of PKHeX (using a Ruby savegame), it says Illegal If I load the .pk3 in the last release of PKHeX (using a Gen6-Gen7 savegame), it says Legal I really don't understand what's going on, I repeat this comes from a 100% legit real cartridge that I personally played. But somehow, there are differences in Legality, the most weird one is by using PKHeX same version, giving two different results based on the savegame where it's loaded. I attach you the .pk3 file, you can test it drag n dropping, to me it says illegal only on a Gen3 (Ruby) savegame. On Gen6-7 its perfectly fine, and they are the same exact data. Not sure if it's a bug or something. Thanks for any info or help! ILLEGAL 260 - SWAMPERT - EA23FCC46AE5.pk3
  11. Oh yes, my bad about the berry. It is indeed Legal. About Tapu Bulu, none of the PKHeX version were relatable (they were auto-renaming the poke OT if I understood right) so I couldn't know what was the exact OT saved in the bytes, so yeah I opened it with a hex editor and I discovered it was indeed saved with the wrong '. I replaced it with the real ' and now when I drag n drop it on both old and new PkHeX it shows Legal. All good. Thanks!
  12. Sorry, In Gen6 the berry it flags as illegal. I don't know about Gen7, but If I transfer the Pokemon holding a berry from Gen6 to Gen7, that would make it illegal then? About Tapu Bulu, still there is an error, even if I use the correct Wonder Card, everytime I load it, it automatically converts with the wront OT. I drag n dropped the event with an older pkhex and saved the game. I can't do it on the newer pkhex because of the broken geolocation, so can't really save an illegal pokemon.
  13. Nice! What about the held item thing? I posted it on the legality contribution topic but didn't get any answer, I know this is not the right place and I shouldn't "spam", but I'm gonna copy paste it in case you missed it: "With the new update (tested today) any Pokemon helding a Watmel Berry will be flagged as Illegal. " from: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/57375-pkhex-new-update-legality-errors-contribution-page/page/7/
  14. The Geolocation is completely broken in the last release. The Subregion "not specified" option "(-)" doesn't even exist, and almost every Pokémon gets a random 3DS region when loaded, no matter what is the original one.
  15. With the new update (tested today) any Pokemon helding a Watmel Berry will be flagged as Illegal. Not sure if it correct or not, but the error says "Invalid: Held item is Unreleased". Also I have the Tapu Bulu event with OT "Ula'ula", always flagged Legal. Now if I load the savegame into older version, the OT stays "Ula'ula" If I load the savegame with the latest release the OT automatically changes with "Ula’ula" (If you can't see the difference, copy and paste the two OT on Notepad and you will notice), and thus it becomes illegal. I don't really know what's happening here. Also, Geolocation is wrong, as other reported, Portugal is indeed in Europe, but it shows invaild. Plus, many Events are automatically changed to JPN Country, even if they are American. Viceversa, some JPN pokemon get "blank" Country when loaded. And Every Country doesn't have anymore the (-) option (unsetted) on SubRegion. I think there is a serious issue with Geolocation. Hope to be helpful somehow!
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