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2 little bugs that I found


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1) Events before Gen6, Region Locked, can't have a different language (best example is the classic Shiny Genesect with English name, it should be only Korean or Japanese). Forcing them an English rename should automatically flag them as illegal

2) While having the Mystery Gift Database window opened, I kinda emulate the drag and drop of the Wonder Card (which can be really exhausting if you are looking for a specific gender, nature, ability and so on) so I hold CTRL and click the Pokémon, until I found what I was looking for. The "bug" is present since the last fix since its related to the "HT Memory: Invalid Feeling" error, so basically, when you spam-generate a new Event with CTRL Key, sometimes it spawns illegal with this alert, so you have to manually go to its memory and change the type of feeling.

This last one obviously is not a heavy bug, and it takes 5 seconds to set it, but if you can improve it and make sure each new spawn doesn't have wrong feelings that would be cool. It's been long time I don't use the old drag'n'drop method with Wonder Cards but I feel it would happen the same thing.

That's it, I wanted to report you these two things that maybe can be improve the quality of the software. I'm sure I'm missing few others (very little) but I can't remember them right now.

Take your time and your priorities of course, I just left my feedback and hopefully a little nice contribution, since I appreciate what you do and the constant work you keep doing on it.




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1. Nobody has serialized the Language/Region restriction rules into something PKHeX can understand. It doesn't check for that at this time.

2. Memory feeling was hotfixed a few hours after the last release. New legality checks narrowed what was actually legal, but code still generated unrestricted values.

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