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Gen7 Fossils Ball Type Legality (possible bug?)


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Randomly found this "weird" thing, I am not sure  if its working as intended, as I recall just like starters, you can get these only in a Poke Ball, so while the Archen/Archeops is correct and says illegal when trying different balls, Tirtouga/Carracosta is the opposite, I can change his ball and it still appears as legal. Tried on an older version (20201024) and still same issue.

Again I can't recall exactly but just the fact that they areobtained in the same way and one is legal and the other not kinda confuses me, I report anyway just in case!

Tried with almost every ball (other than Cherish Ball) and its still legal

Thanks for your time!



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Oh thank you for the explanation! I kinda knew I was missing some knowledge, last releases are perfect it seemed too weird.

Another confirm that google is the worst place to find answers...Not that I blindly believe what they write, but everytime I get disappointed like they don't even have the doubt, they are straight "no its impossible to have it in a dream ball", without any explanation and/or documentation to prove their arguments.

Thank you again!

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