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  1. romfs should have 46,867 files in it. You might have done something wrong.
  2. Read this post I've posted, it might help you out
  3. Having an error with pkNX. Seems to work on versions before the dlc update, but after that its always shows this. I thought it had to do with the update not being included with the .nsp file, so I merged the dlc and update with the original nsp file using NSCB but no luck. Using yuzu currently, so impossible for me to use nxdump. Any help would be appreciated. Figured out a fix, I recommend those who still need one to visit the post I made in regards of fixing the issue :
  4. I figured out the solution to this error message you might get with inputting the dumped file into pknx. THIS IS A FIX FOR DUMPING FROM YUZU, ANYTHING ELSE I CANNOT HELP YOU WITH What most of you probably did (like me) was you dumped the cartridge that was from a folder directory. Instead, you need to take the game's file (nsp, xci, etc.) and click on file on the top left, then press "Install file to NAND". Doing that, you then select the game's file and wait for it to finish loading. I also CANNOT supply you with the update or game, you will ne
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