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  1. Thank you very very very much. I love you. That's exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot. I took too long to answer because I forgot my mail, no joking xD. And I was also trying to extract the save file from a friend's Wii but we could not. Thanks, You just fixed all my problems.
  2. Some days have passed... still no answer? Not even something like "no one has a save file like that" or something? Guys, pls, help me. :c At least, how do I unlock Pokémon Collection by Hex Editing the save file? Can it be done? Tell me something I can do...
  3. Hello. I need a save file for the European version of Pokémon Battle Revolution (Wii) in Spanish with Pokémon Collection enabled in at least one profile. If the four profiles are open with the game unfinished, it's better. I need the save file to be in Spanish, I mean, if I randomly download any European save file from the Internet, when I try to load it, it won't let me load the game and the game will ask me to change the Wii language to english if I want to load the save file (look picture). Spanish Text: "To being able to use this save file, you must change
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