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  1. Thank you, then i can assume it is safe to use
  2. hey all, what will happen if i create a new save file, all my pokemons safely stored on home, pick my starter pokemon, go to pkhex, and then the pokedex area. Then click on know all and captured all. What will happen? Will i suddenly have not only completed the pokedex, but also have all pokemon in my pc?
  3. Hey man, Thank you for your great work, i can tell u have put a lot of work into this. So can i assume, u have save files for roms, for pokemone red, blue, yellow, all the way up to sword and shield?
  4. Ya'll have to keep in mind, the dlc of sword and shield, added a ton of items, pokemons, moves etc. So the update for pkhex could take several days, just be patient. If a house is destroyed so a new one can be build, using new materials, its not build in 2 hours either. Just check in every day, and dont think about it, and before you know it poof, the update is there.
  5. This is the only working way, to get save files, from emunand to systemnand: I had the same issue, till i saw this recommend everywhere as the only safe possible way, and it worked like charm for me. Just follow it step by step, and your fine. As long as you have your emunand, and systemnand on different partitions.
  6. I was able to go on sysnand with cfw, backup save, edit, restore, then reboot into clean sysnand, and the edited save file was there. The clean nand and sysnand with cfw are linked, but all i did was back up and restore a save file while being offline, so hopefully this will not get me banned, if it does get me banned, i learned my lesson, and i need to buy 2 old switches, and then just do transfer save file thing. Thanks for your amazing help !
  7. The guide i followed to set up my modded switch, that video got deleted by youtube. But this guide basically made me have 3 nands. The sysnand with cfw, modded nand, and the sysnand without cfw. My SD card is 128GB, exfat. So just to make sure i understand you correctly, and please forgive me for this, but i just wanna make sure i dont make any mistakes. First i need to check somehow if my sysnand uses the same save file as my clean sysnand, if so, and it is linked, then i log into the sysnand with CFW (i take it, in flightmode?) Then back up, edit, restore, and this should then when i log into the clean nand, have the edited save file, from the sysnand with CFW?
  8. Is there no way at all, to have checkpoint be able to backup a save file from the cleannand, restore it on modded nand, edit it, then restore it back on the clean nand? (even tho checkpoint is not on the clean nand?) I noticed you are saying: Only supposed too....which makes me wonder it might be possible what i asked....
  9. Can checkpoint be used to backup a savefile from the clean stock nand, so i can edit it, then when done, use checkpoint to restore the edited file on the clean stock nand? If so, is there a guide for this somewhere, or do u know how to pull this one off?
  10. Thank you for the fast response. What i am saying is this, how can i use pokehex to edit my save file, on the stock nand, to give myself some items? I swapped the cheat nand save file, following a guide to have this cheat save file appear on my stock nand. This is pokemon shield save tho, i also have pokemon sword. What i care about is to just add some masterballs, some rare candies, and items to iv and ev train my pokemon. Just to annoy my baby brother in local play lmao But how can i do this without being flagged or banned? Because on the cheat nand i dont have the dlc, and i dont have sword, so im curious if i can do it, without risking a ban, if i avoid any other means that could trigger a ban. For example having a mewto with stats that should not be possible at all. I do not want to have anything illegal, just looking for a way to enjoy the game more, and get the full experience by well having some creative editing fun lmao Wait a second i think i read your response better, So would i understand your correctly if i said: As long as i dont edit anything, to make it appear i have a CFW i should be fine? Also how i go about to create a save file to edit on the stock nand? Would that mean i have to swap save files around again from stock nand to cheat nand, and then from cheat nand back to stock nand? Or can i somehow archieve this, on the stock nand?
  11. Hello folks, So here is the thing, i have a modded switch, with 3 nands. 1 nand is stock with mods, second is nand fully modded, 3rd is stock legit and no mods. Now i managed to swap my cheat pokemon save file to be swapped to my 3rd nand, and im all good there. However i was wondering.....would it be possible....to use the 3rd nand for use with pkhex, and if so..how? Now if possible, and i use pokehex, to only...add all the items, like masterballs, rare candy's etc, and perhaps edit some pokemon with legal stats like 31 iv for all stats, make them battle ready legally, like for example 4 hp, 252 speed, 252 special attack, would this cause a ban, or get me flagged? Now if i did this on the cheating nand, i would have to put the save file from the 3rd nand to the cheating nand, make the edits, then put it back to original nand. But i wonder if i can skip all this mojo and still do not get flagged and get banned, after all, i would not do any online pvp battles, i just stick to the story, do an occional surprise trade with non-edited pkhex pokemon, just to fill the pokedex, and i would not do anything that could ruin the game for others in any way shape or form. Now if what i wish to do is possible, can it be explained how to archieve this? Also please forgive me for any bad english, i'm english self taught
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