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  1. SkyTemple Randomizer

    I hacked this UI together in less than an hour, if there are any bad bugs I'm sorry!
    Randomizer for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky.
    This randomizer randomizes...
    - ... all NPCs on the overworld (with matching portraits and names)
    - ... all dungeon layouts (including tilesets, music, weather, darkness, traps, items, Pokémon spawns, etc.)
    Pokémon level are randomized between -3/+3 of the minimum/maximum level that the Pokémon on that floor had in the original game.
    Moves, stats, starters, boss fights etc. are not randomized. Most hard-coded values are also not randomized.
    Part of the SkyTemple project:
    Please join our Discord server for support: https://discord.gg/4e3X36f
    Install on Windows
    Download the Installer and install it. After this run "SkyTemple Randomizer"
    Install on Linux
    The Linux version can be installed via Pip. For this Python 3.6+ must be installed and GTK+ (which you most likely both have):
    pip install --upgrade skytemple-randomizer You may need to run pip3 instead and/or need to update pip by running:
    pip3 install --upgrade pip After this, you can run skytemple_randomizer to run it. If this doesn't work, you don't have ~/.local/bin in your PATH. Run ~/.local/bin/skytemple_randomizer instead.


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  2. SkyTemple PMD2 ROM Edtior

    SkyTemple: The Explorers of Sky ROM editor for maps, backgrounds and scripts, including an interactive debugger for the game's script engine.
    This is a very early pre-release of SkyTemple, please expect many bugs and make backups of your ROMs!
    Linux and macOS version
    See the README: https://github.com/SkyTemple/skytemple/blob/master/README.rst
    For information and support: 
    Github: https://github.com/skytemple
    Known issues: https://github.com/orgs/SkyTemple/projects/1


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