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    Project Pokémon


    Our members frequently contribute things that add value to the community, and we award badges to be displayed on profile pages and user cards in forum posts. These badges generally come with username colors shown below.

    If you know of anyone who meets any of these criteria and feel that person should receive a badge, please let us know in our support forum.

    If you have any of these badges that come with a username color, and you either do not have that color or would like to switch between your available username colors, please let us know in our support forum.

    If anyone has an idea for a new badge, please let us know in the Feedback forum, or if you would prefer your suggestion to not be public, use our support forum.

    Contributor Badges

    These badges are given to members who contribute to the site in some way.

    • ImageContributor.png.0110565d4cc23ceb795 Image Contributor - User contributes images to the site that are implemented for use.
    • 5a29ad03df464_EventContributor.png.8dafe Event Contributor - User contributes Event Pokémon to the site.
    • 5a29ad698de85_SiteContributor.png.96365c Site Contributor - User who adds to the site significantly.
    • 5a29ae00306dd_ForumContributor.png.95654 Forum Contributor - User who significantly contributes to the design of the forum.
    • 5a29ae8e7202e_WikiContributor.png.2b27c6 Wiki Contributor - User contributes high quality articles to the technical documentation section (formerly known as the wiki). Articles should be clear, detailed and show a mastery of the subject matter.
    • 5a29aed66ce03_SaveEditingContributor.png Save Editing Contributor - User has made significant contributions to Save Editing programs and/or related subjects but not qualifying as research.
    • 5a29af1a9d770_TranslationContributor.png Translation Contributor - User has contributed to past translation projects.

    Innovator Badges

    These badges are given to those who help innovate by researching the games or developing modifications for them.

    • 5a29afd912f64_RAMResearcher.png.d80745a0 RAM Researcher - User researches the games' RAM and publishes research and/or AR Codes using that research.
    • 5a29b0144d63d_ROMResearcher.png.721b73a3 ROM Researcher - User researches the games' ROM and publishes information regarding structures found within ROM.
    • 5a29b04b14f7f_SaveResearcher.png.2aff5e5 Game Save Researcher - User researches info on the games' Save structure and related information.
    • Developer.png.1cf5a9e81149fad28555478db9 Developer - User creates and/or helps making either Save, RAM, or ROM editing programs for the use of others.
    • 5a29b0ada987b_ROMHacker.png.28d9b429fa0dROM Hacker - User uses ROM hacking tools to make quality ROM hacks.

    Helpful Member Badges

    These badges are given to those who are helpful in the community.

    • 5a29b26901869_HelpfulQA.png.6d84f55a8279 Helpful Q&A Member - User who has significantly posted helpful posts and aids users in need often.
    • 5a29b2bb48bb3_HelpfulRequest.png.a9b5448 Helpful Request Member - User who has given custom works to people such as custom Signature Requests, Pokémon Requests, etc.
    • TeamRater.png.deed3c2a71009f4393460940f6 Team Rater - User who contributes often in "Rate My Team" discussions as well as helping in "Rate My Team"s.

    Patron Badges

    This badge is given to those who help support us financially.

    • Sponsor.png.2afe8378b9047658cd53fa0fa79b Sponsor - User pledged $5 or more on Patreon.

    Special Badges

    This category of badges exists for specific events.

    • 5a29b11e83322_2017ArtCompetitionWinner.p 2017 Art Competition Winner - User won the art competition held in 2017.

    Staff Badges

    These badges are given to our staff members.

    • Administrator.png.a5929209a953c2d5155ecd Administrator
    • Manager.png.f53cac979792b76e2993fd8990b8 Manager
    • 5acbd7d8aebc8_EditorinChief.png.fafd0755 Editor in Chief
    • SuperModerator.png.4fd992fba8ccc644bb27e Super Moderator
    • Moderator.png.72c5e9996d9bcd40c1ae681980 Moderator
    • EventStaff.png.14cd0022dff713caff3bef322 Event Staff
    • NewsTeam.png.ffc6493f3c95b41a738e4f7ddcc News Team
    • PagesTeam.png.93d0926cb2006d5249ec80779b Pages Team
    • FormerStaff.png.66301ef138760aa40303359e Former Staff

    IRC Badges

    These badges are given to certain users in IRC.

    • 5a20559c9d791_IRCOwner.png.8cacf7d9af092IRC Owner
    • 5a29a9d9a96ba_IRCSOP.png.b75989e3f34bc69IRC SOP
    • 5a29aa366b05c_IRCAOP.png.8b88398d16d1ea2IRC AOP
    • 5a29aaf4dc6ec_IRCHOP.png.8967169fa3fc77eIRC HOP
    • 5a29ab3b657cc_IRCVOP.png.e325cecb09a53d5IRC VOP

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