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    Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

    Totem Stickers



    Totem Sticker Artwork

    Totem Stickers are a new collectable that is found in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. You can use these stickers to get Totem-sized Pokémon as Totem Gifts in Heahea Beach. Here is an extensive list of all of the locations.

    Screenshot Location Notes
    top_0010.jpeg Hau'oli City (Shopping Center) Outside Salon
    large.top_0017.jpeg.debdfa359491d704c979 Hau'oli City (Shopping Center) Outside the Malasada Shop
    top_0014.jpeg Hau'oli City (Shopping Center) 2F of Ilima's house
      Malie City 1F of Library
    top_0019.jpeg Hau'oli City (Marina)  
      Route 2 House in South East
    top_0012.jpeg Hau'oli City (Shopping Center) Outside Ilima's house
    top_0021.jpeg Hau'oli City (Shopping Center) City Hall
      Heahea City 3F of Hotel
    top_0024.jpeg Route 2 Inside the Berry Field house
    top_0023.jpeg Route 2 Outside the Berry Field house
      Royal Avenue  North East
    top_0011.jpeg Hau'oli City (Shopping Center) Outside the Pokémon Center
      Royal Avenue South
      Hokulani Observatory  Room
      Hokulani Observatory  Information Desk
    top_0015.jpeg Hau'oli City (Shopping Center) Outside City Hall
      Konikoni City 2F of Olivia's Jewelry Shop
      Heahea City On a surfboard
      Po Town South West
      Hano Resort Lobby (Bottom left)
    top_0018.jpeg Hau'oli City (Shopping Center) North West of Police Station
    top_0020.jpeg Hau'oli City (Marina) Outside the Ferry Terminal
    top_0022.jpeg Route 2 Outside the South East house
      Route 2 Outside Pokémon Center
      Heahea City West
    top_0032.jpeg Heahea City Outside the hotel (West)
    top_0034.jpeg Heahea City Outside the hotel (East)
      Heahea City Outside the Research Lab (East)
      Heahea City Outside the Research Lab (South)
      Heahea City Game Freak office
      Hokulani Observatory  Dead end
      Heahea City 3F of Game Freak office
      Heahea City Research Lab
    top_0033.jpeg Heahea City 1F of hotel
      Royal Dome 2F
    top_0035.jpeg Paniola Town West
    top_0036.jpeg Paniola Town 1F of Kiawe's house
    top_0037.jpeg Paniola Town 2F of Kiawe's house
      Paniola Ranch North West
      Paniola Ranch South East
      Hano Beach  
      Hano Resort South
      Hano Resort Lobby
      Konikoni City Lighthouse Diglett's Tunnel
      Royal Dome 1F
      Route 8 Outside the Aether Base
      Route 8  Outside the Fossil Restoration Center
      Konikoni City West
      Konikoni City 1F of restaurant 
    top_0027.jpeg Iki Town South West (Requires Tauros Ride)
    top_0013.jpeg Hau'oli City (Shopping Center) Lilma's house (Swimming Pool) (Requires the Fishing Rod)
      Wela Volcano Park Rocks behind sign
      Route 5 South of Pokémon Center
      Hano Beach Below Snadygast
      Malie City (Outskirts) Outside the Recycling Plant
      Malie City  Outside the Ferry Terminal
      Malie City Outside the Apparel Shop
      Malie City Outside the Salon
      Route 16 Outside the Aether Base
      Mt. Blush Outside the Power Plant
      Malie City 2F of Library
      Malie Garden North East
      Maile City Community Center
      Hokulani Observatory Outside
      Mt. Hokulani  
      Mt. Blush Power Plant
      Route 13  
      Route 14 Front of Abandoned Megamart
      Route 14 North
      Route 15 Surfboard
      Route 17 Outside Police Station
      Route 17 Police Station
      Po Town Outside Pokémon Center
      Exeggutor Island Under rock
      Po Town Outside Shady House
      Po Town Pokémon Center
      Po Town 1F of Shady House
      Route 17 South of Po Town
      Ula'ula Meadow  
      Po Town Outside Shady House (west) #1
      Po Town Outside Shady House (west) #2
      Po Town Outside Shady House (west) #3
      Seafolk Village Outside the Wiscash ship
      Seafolk Village Huntail ship
      Seafolk Village Outside the Huntail ship
      Seafolk Village Wiscash ship
      Seafolk Village Wailord Restaurant 
      Seafolk Village Gyarados 
      Poni Wilds South East
      Ancient Poni Path Hapu's House (Kitchen)
      Seafolk Village North East
      Ancient Poni Path Hapu's House (Bedroom)
      Ancient Poni Path South West
      Ancient Poni Path Hapu's House (Courtyard)
      Ancient Poni Path Hapu's House (Behind well)
      Ancient Poni Path North East
      Battle Tree Entrance



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