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UPDATED 1/27/2015! READ!: Pokémon Request Rules


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Posting Request Format

When posting a separate request, please follow the following format to reduce questions and waiting time:

Pokemon Request Format


Please post, as well, whether you would like an AR Code, Wi-Fi Trade or .pkm File.

Item Request Format


Bag Slot:

Bag Section:

OR if you would like to trade a Pokemon holding the item:

Pokemon To Hold Item:


Friend Code:

Please follow these formats, they will help prevent questions which will in return get you the Pokémon and/or Item faster. ;)

Note: If making a request that does not have an assigned format located here, feel free to use your own.


Additional Rules

1. Questions Re: Pokésav Help

- If you have a question with Pokésav and need help, post in the Save Editing Help Forum.

2. Check RAM Editing Forum First (Unless Custom Request)

- Check RAM Editing Forum first before requesting Events. Some codes are already made in the Pokesaved AR codes for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum sticky. So be sure to check this first and several other stickies located there.

3. Requesting Custom Legit Pokémon

- It is impossible to create a Legit Pokémon, according to the site's standards. This rule only applies to Requested Custom Pokémon.

* Legal (Valid) Pokémon are able to exist naturally in the game without the use of external devices.

* Illegal Pokémon are not able to exist naturally in the game without the use of external devices.

* Legitimate (Legit) Pokémon are created without the use of external devices. Because all of these Pokémon are also able to exist naturally in the game, legitimate Pokémon are a subset of legal Pokémon.

4. Use Spoilers (This Is Required--Regardless of Thread)

- If the post has an AR Code or more than one request, use Spoilers:


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