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Trainer difficulty? 0Ch value

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So, when using PPRE to edit trainers, there is a 0Ch value. Does anyone have any specific details on it?

A while back, Alpha and I speculated that it could be trainer difficulty, because of the values in it we noticed:

- 1 (most trainers)

- 3 (Falkner)

- 5 (Chuck, and some other trainers)

- 7 (most Gym leaders, some regular trainers, etc)

- 33 (a random trainer, some pokemaniacs)

- 35 (a Rival battle where he has 3 lvl 16-18 Pokemon, and another where he has 4, around lvl 20)

There may even be some trainers in the 60s or 70s.... Schookid Sherman or something?

Does anyone have any further details on this or experience with how it affects things in-game?

If they are the difficulty, do you know what specifically it changes? (AI, IVs?) And to what degree?

I may do some more research and experimenting myself later this week.

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Those values you listed scream bits.

1 = 00000001

3 = 00000011

5 = 00000101

7 = 00000111

33 = 00100001

35 = 00100011

As you can see with that list, there are only 3 bits changing. The last may simply be coincidentally set for all of them, or may always be set. That's about as much insight as I can give you.

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Well, I played around with it. I actually think the AI got stupider when I changed it from 7 to 33 and 35. Brendan's Flame-Orb-Guts-Facade-Swellow kept using Protect... every turn... even while it was burned...

And it's strength didn't seem any different.


While messing around further, I discovered the 0C value in the Trainer's individual Pokemon tab, and I'm pretty sure THAT controls the Trainer's Pokemon's IVs or stats somehow. Many regular trainers have their values set at 0, early gym leaders are 30 or 50, mid-level gym leaders are 100ish, and rematches/elite 4, etc are all at 250 (with a max of 255).

Here are two photos. Both are results of the same attack from the same pokemon on Gardenia's Jumpluff. One picture is with the 0C value set to 0, the other is 250. Not much of a difference, but it is a difference.





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