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Breeding: egg moves


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I'm not sure if I posted this thread in the correct place but anyway this is where I am going to inform about egg moves and other things about breeding. It is one of the things in Pokemon that I know a good amount about. Plus, I feel that the community may have been deprived exactly of how egg moves work. Although I think bulbapedia has some good information on this stuff sometimes their site doesn't work plus they aren't exactly always accurate and I've gathered a plethora of information throughout my web research and my own personal field testing.

I will elaborate in another post, because isnt this just the info on the actual thread. Sorry I'm kind of knew to this.

Alright, now that I've had my intro I can start. Well I don't know if you have heard this before but I do believe that breeding in Pokemon is an extremely useful tool when you are trying to get more powerful Pokemon. Especially if you caught your first lets say.....pikachu....and you trained him all the way up to a level fifty but he isnt that good so far. You dont want to evolve him because Raichu well just isnt as awesome as pikachu. So through breeding you can get a more powerful pikachu.


But how? Well it actually is quite simple in concept but it could take effort, time, and more pokemon. Now with pikachu as an example I will continue. Each pokemon has a different nature there are a lot of different natures and after I finish this paragraph there will be a list of natures of pokemon and how they effect your pokemon and its stats because they do. Depending on the moves I want a pokemon to learn which I find out prior to starting to train it then those moves and their types I try to base the nature off of. Ok here is the list of natures....

Pokemon Natures: courtesy of: Sui89 (extremely helpful guide thanks so much it has been invaluable to me)

Hardy - Nothing raised or lowered.

Lonely - Attack raised. Defense lowered.

Brave - Attack raised. Speed lowered.

Adamant - Attack raised. Special attack lowered.

Naughty - Attack raised. Special defense lowered.

Bold - Defense raised. Attack lowered.

Docile - Nothing raised or lowered.

Relaxed - Defense raised. Speed lowered.

Impish - Defense raised. Special attack lowered.

Lax - Defense raised. Special defense lowered.

Timid - Speed raised. Attack lowered.

Hasty - Speed raised. Defense lowered.

Serious - Nothing raised or lowered.

Jolly - Speed raised. Special attack lowered.

Naive - Speed raised. Special defense lowered.

Modest - Special attack raised. Attack lowered.

Mild - Special attack raised. Defense lowered.

Quiet - Special attack raised. Speed lowered.

Bashful - Nothing raised or lowered.

Rash - Special attack raised. Special defense lowered.

Calm - Special defense raised. Attack lowered.

Gentle - Special defense raised. Defense lowered

Sassy - Special defense raised. Speed lowered.

Careful - Special defense raised. Special attack lowered.

Quirky - Nothing raised or lowered.

Alright so now that the list is taken care of I would all like you to give a round of applause for the extremely helpful Sui89 who provided that list ok. Do it like this *applause* ok really simple. *Applause echoes for Sui89* ok sorry I have to give credit to where it is due.

So as you should have seen because you should have read the list the natures do different things. The careful nature in a pokemon boosts its special defense and lowers its special attack. Well that is good if you are planning to fight a tricked out mewtwo because mewtwos have amazing special moves and should have a liability to have high special attack. So if you want a pikachu for a specific purpose like a one with high special attack because it is going to know special moves then you would want a pokemon with a modest nature for it raises special attack and lowers attack which would be a useless stat if all the moves were special attack. Are you seeing what I'm getting at?


Well I hope that if you do have questions you will post them.

So if you haven't had questions so far then you can see that you should look at a Pokemon's move pool which could be found at this location, they have a platinum and a Diamond and pearl one it has a lot of good information and here comes the link....http://pokemon.marriland.com/platinum/pokedex.....Ok that sight has a lot of good information on the moves of Pokemon and the Pokemon in general. I'm not sure how far into the projects we are here at this place so if you do know and the status of the pokedex here isn't good go to the link above for now I'm sure the administrators will build this sight to its full potential. So once you have found out all about your pokemon's moves and what you want it to know then based on the moves and their class (special, physical, status) then you can breed a pokemon and keep breeding till you get the desired nature.

Now you know the moves and you have the nature so you have your pokemon that is usually the extent of an average person's breeding. Well at least that is what mine was and that of friends around me until I discovered its real use and value. Now I'm going to give time for questions, processing, and comments so stay tuned.


Well I've been monitoring this thread seeing if anyone bothered to look and well people did and some of it were guests. So since I wasn't sure whether or not they could post I decided to keep writing.

In my last entry I elaborated at the normal extent of Pokemon breeding in the average Pokemon fan based on my experiences with other Pokemon fans. Now to go really far into breeding is complicated and it will guaranteed take a lot more effort then normal breeding. However, the rewards can become quite great because through breeding you could create a completely legit Pokemon that is exceptionally good you just have to train it afterwards. One of my examples to use is Drifloon. You see when I saw ash battle fantina for the first time I saw drifloon use hypnosis so I thought to myself.....Hmmm I'm going to catch a drifloon and teach it hypnosis. However, to my dismay it didnt learn it through level up or TM/HM. So (since this was before I was informed on egg moves) I gave up. Then I found out how to do it and a whole new view of pokemon opened up to me. You see I did get hypnosis onto drifloons, and a lot and I got a nature pretty close to what it was that i desired. Now when my drifloon reaches level 100 I hope it will be so amazing that I will be able to I dont know really. Now this is the tricky part.

Egg moves:

These are moves that can only be taught to a pokemon via breeding with another pokemon in the same egg group that knows that move. So using drifloon as an example I will inform you on that.

What I did step one:

Well first I went to this link: http://pokemon.marriland.com/diamond_pearl/pokedex/drifloon to find out what egg group my beloved drifloon was in. So it should say in the description-egg group-*name of egg group*-then you click on it to see which pokemon are also in the same egg group and are compatible with your pokemon's egg group.

What I did step 2:

Then I looked down in the moves and found hypnosis and then I clicked on it to find out which pokemon could learn it. Then it should tell you on the side whether or not a pokemon can learn the move via TM/HM, leveling up (and what level), egg, or move tutor. So I compared the two lists and found a pokemon that could learn the move through level up, had the same egg group, and was easily accessible. This one so happened to be a gastly.

The exception to this sort of:

Well you know how I said that the pokemon has to be in the same egg group to breed. Well that isn't always the case. There is one pokemon called ditto which you can catch in the grass patch right outside Canalave city using the pokeradar they are just really rare. Now these guys can breed with any non baby non legendary pokemon. So these are an invaluable breeding tool. I use ditto's a lot. The only problem is they cant pass on moves for they can only learn the move transform and it just doesn't work that way. So ditto's good but not for egg moves entirely.

What I did step 3:

It turns out that gastly learns hypnosis at a level one. So I breed gastly with my ditto to get a gastly egg because ditto cant make himself ever. I do this a bunch of times because I need a male gastly so I need to make sure that its male. So I rode around for a while till my egg appeared I took it and eventually hatched it.

What I did step 4:

Yay! Its a male so then since it knows hypnosis it will breed with my drifloon and then baby drifloon will know hypnosis. However, you have to make sure that the day care doesnt foolishly make gastly forget hypnosis by replacing it with a new move when it levels up. So to prevent that select the move in the pokemon summary and move it lower down on the list because they delete from top to bottom because game programmers just cant put that in a game where the programs choose for the best. Plus then there is the whole intention of the person for sticking it in the day care and strategies and well it would just be impossible so the delete default is from top to bottom.

I mentioned earlier that......

I needed a male gastly level one. This is because the female decides the species of the pokemon. So I needed a female drifloon to get the baby drifloon with hypnosis. So... what are the gender contributions well that is next.

Gender contributions:

Well the male is the one that can pass on moves but I think if both male and female know the same move through level up and they both have it while in day care the offspring is more likely to know it.

The female now in the third generation games if it was holding an everstone there was a 50% chance like increase in whether or not the offspring would inherit the ability of the mother I'm pretty sure. The nature is a random thing I'm nearly positive on that so you might want to check.

Now if the pokemon are the same species then I think that the likely hood of the offspring inheriting either the female's ability or nature increases.

What I did step 5:

Well I repeated this step multiple times so I could get the good nature and hypnosis so I could have the desired awesome drifloon. I did this a while and then I finally got a nature I wanted it was rash because it boosts special attack and my drifloon is going to know all special moves. So now I am training my newly hatched drifloon in the old chateau in platinum for it has a lot of gastlies and if you are focusing on special attack gastlies are the way to go.

Why would I want an egg move?

Rarity, goes along with another move it can learn by HM/TM or leveling up. I wanted a drifloon with hypnosis because I wanted to teach my drifloon dream eater. Plus hypnosis puts the foe to sleep and what better pokemon to have it on then your favorite. Drifloon is the best in my opinion.

:I'm done with basic egg moving but there is still more to learn so I will still be posting here:


Breeding: Egg moves: breeding chains

Now sometimes Pokemon have more then one egg group. Now not only are these Pokemon valuable in normal battling and things like that but these Pokemon are immensely valuable in breeding. Because these pokemon serve as links between egg groups. Taking pikachu for example, pikachu is in both field and fairy egg groups which can give him potential because then he serves as a link between the two egg groups when it comes to getting egg moves.

So say you want your eevee to learn wish. Well in order to not spend time looking for an easier way you should just well keep reading for I'm giving an example here. Well eevee is in the field egg group. Then there is togetic which is in the fairy egg group but it learns wish at level 28. So how do we get it over to eevee. Simple we use the link pikachu. Since pikachu is of both egg groups he can breed with both.

So you put a female pikachu in with a male togetic that knows wish and then the offspring should know wish this will be a pichu. So evolve it into a pikachu then have it breed with a female eevee and bang, you got an eevee baby that knows wish. The only problem is you would need a female eevee and those are extremely rare. Plus you would have to get a male pichu to evolve into a pikachu so this could take some steps. This is just one of the combination's I'm currently experimenting with that is why I used it as an example.

I hope I have helped so far, make sure to post your comments and questions please!

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This is an excellent guide. I feel like I need to contribute something as well, but I'm not much for expository writing... and the only thing I know about in-depth is EV-training.

Would anyone be interested in a guide for that?

OMG! Yes that would be awesome. I know that I looked forever on EV training and what EVs were. Serrebi net was my answer but the more information this sight has the better!

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Well then why dont you make one Turtlekid2. If you do can you tell me where it is because really EVs and the math around it isnt really my pokemon strong point. So if you do make a guide tell me so that I can use it and reference it in some of my guides.

So if you think the current one isn't at its best maybe add to it in the same thread and if you do tell me. Please!

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add this

There's 25 different natures:


Adamant: (+Attack, -Sp.Atk)

Bashful: No effect

Bold: (+Defense, Attack)

Brave: (+Attack, -Speed)

Calm: (+Sp.Def, -Attack)

Careful: (+Sp.Def, -Sp.Atk)

Docile: No effect

Gentle: (+Sp.Def, -Defense)

Hardy: No effect

Hasty: (+Speed, -Defense)

Impish: (+Defense, -Sp.Atk)

Jolly: (+Speed, -Sp.Atk)

Lax: (+Defense, -Sp.Def)

Lonely: (+Attack, -Defense)

Mild: (+Sp.Atk, -Defense)

Modest: (+Sp.Atk, -Attack)

Naive: (+Speed, -Sp.Def)

Naughty: (+Attack, -Sp.Def)

Quiet: (+Sp.Atk, -Speed)

Quirky: No effect

Rash: (+Sp.Atk, -Sp.Def)

Relaxed: (+Defense, -Speed)

Sassy: (+Sp.Def, -Speed)

Serious: No effect

Timid: (+Speed, -Attack)

i think its more easier to see what is what...in my opinion

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